My milk frother changed my coffee making routine


I like a good quality barista style coffee to start my day off right. From creamy cappuccinos and mochas to luscious lattes, nothing beats the delicious taste of my favorite coffee drinks.

But during lockdown, I’ve had to ditch my artisanal coffee treats for my boring (and lackluster) homemade coffees. Even with my trusted espresso machine, my lattes just weren’t the same without that essential component – the frothy top! If you’ve ever wondered why your on-the-go coffee tastes so much better with the silky foam top, the secret is simply in the foam. The frothed milk creates a lighter texture, which keeps the flavor of the coffee as close to the original taste as possible.

Although the thought of buying a milk frother never crossed my mind (another kitchen gadget?), I was eager to find out if it could solve my coffee problems. If you’re short on space though, you might want to check out one of the best espresso machines which usually has a built-in frother.

But with budget in mind, I had purchased an electric milk frother, which was compact enough for my already cluttered counter. You can get the Bodum Electric Milk Frother for just $30 on Amazon.

After only a week of using the frother, I was impressed with the professional froth, the finishing touch to my coffee drinks. Plus, my milk frother can do so much more than just whip up froth. It can froth cold or hot milk, heat milk and prepare delicious hot chocolate. Better yet, you can impress your guests with barista-style coffees at home.

In fact, my milk frother has totally changed my coffee-making routine forever, and I just can’t live without it. So if you’re a specialty coffee lover, here’s why you should invest in a milk frother to enhance your coffee drinking experience.

Here’s why I love my milk frother

Milk in the frother

Milk in the frother (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

1. They instantly improve boring homemade coffee
There’s something about foam that makes coffee so much better. A milk frother ensures that the froth floats on top of the coffee (rather than mixing with it), so every sip starts with that warm cushion of foam before arriving at the delicious coffee brew. Plus, you can use your milk frother for just about any coffee drink imaginable, including cappuccino., mocha, latte, dalgona coffee and flat white iced coffee. I managed to make all of these, and they look just as good (and tasty) as the ones bought at my local cafe.

2. You can use it for hot or cold froth and even heat milk
Not only is a milk frother great for craft coffees, it can also create frothy milkshakes with the cold froth setting. You can also reheat milk in less time, if you ever crave milk and cookie snacks. Either way, it comes in handy when you have young children who prefer warm milk at bedtime. Typically, a milk frother comes with a frothing disc to create milk froth, while the mixing/heating disc is used for hot milk without foam or a smooth hot chocolate. Simply swap out the discs as needed and store them magnetically under the base after use. Also, if you have an aversion to dairy, I’ve found the frother works equally well with alternative milks such as almond, soy, and oat milk.

Milk foam in the frother

Milk foam in the frother (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

3. They make great hot chocolate
If you’re more into hot chocolate than cappuccino, an electric milk frother can make the tastiest chocolate. Simply add your chocolate flakes or powder directly to the milk jug and let it mix up a smooth, fluffy drink. If you want to know how to make hot chocolate and never drink premix againfollow our best advice.

4. They’re super easy to use
The best thing about an electric milk frother is that it works completely hands-free and does just about all the heavy lifting (unlike hand-held frothers). You simply add your milk, press the button and wait until your perfectly frothy milk is at exactly the right temperature. While frothers usually shut off automatically after two minutes, you can purchase models where you can set the temperature, time, and froth density you prefer.

Pour milk into the coffee

Pour milk into the coffee (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

5. You can save money
If you usually spend a small fortune at your local cafe, a home milk frother will definitely save you money. With practice, you can learn to replicate your favorite drinks at home, and you won’t have to wait in line until they’re ready.

latte in cup

latte in cup (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

A small caveat is that overuse can cause the frothing attachment to stop rotating. This was the case for me when mine suddenly stopped working in the middle of making my morning latte. Devastated at the thought of throwing away my beloved milk frother, I found an online forum with helpful suggestions. One trick to fix this common problem was to use a magnet to degauss the props so they line up perfectly. Tried this and it worked, so happy days!

So if you love creamy froth on top of your coffees, a milk frother can turn your coffee-making game upside down. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for new recipes to try and improve my milk frothing skills.

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