New Huawei Phone Models Obtain 3C Certification


Huawei is a huge tech giant across the globe. Undoubtedly, the company is capable enough to compete with its rival in the field of smartphones. Hence, we get the proof of this claim from the recent Counterpoint report which shows that Huawei is overtaking Xiaomi in the foldable phone market.

The research agency – Counterpoint carried out a report on the market share of foldable smartphones from January to May. Moreover, this report includes several technology manufacturers. For example, Huawei, Samsung, Honor, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi.

According to new research, Huawei has excelled in the foldable phone market, while Xiaomi has come down to ground level. Moreover, this information also defines the upcoming future of other smartphone manufacturers.

Foldable Smartphone Statistics

The report reveals that the sales volume of foldable smartphone models in China is 670,000 units in the first quarter. This is a strong increase of 391% of the annual progress. Meanwhile, it shows a monthly increase of 152%.

Seeing the progress right now, we can assume that the foldable smartphone market will reach a 225% increase by the end of this year. With an expected sale of 2.7 million units, the folding gadget will be able to maintain the growth momentum in the respective region.

Revealing the stats, each company has tried to improve their advancements in foldable technology. Starting with Huawei, the Chinese firm has won 50% of foldable smartphone sales in China. Next comes Samsung with 20% followed by Oppo in third position.

Huawei Xiaomi foldable phone

However, a shock arrives from Xiaomi which scored fourth. Companies like Vivo and Oppo were also able to maintain their pace in the market with a market share of 10.3. Although they have recently entered the foldable world.

Going back to the report, seeing a good jump in the foldable smartphone sector, there is a good chance of seeing another 4-5 new models in the second half of 2022. In fact, after achieving 77% success with the devices of horizontal folding, the companies would experiment with vertical layouts. Ultimately, this could lead to a 50% acceleration in the sale of vertical folding smartphones.

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