New kitchen gadgets June 2022: KitchenAid, Our Place, Fly By Jing, and more


Welcome to What’s New, our section where we bring together the latest in food, drink, and kitchen and baking utensils.

In this June issue of What’s new, check out a sleek whistling tea kettle from KitchenAid, a handsome cast iron skillet from Our Place and intense dessert nachos from Guy Fieri. As a reminder, some of these items we’ve tried, and some are so new we haven’t put our sweaty little hands on them yet. Either way, all products mentioned are from brands we know and love. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your favorite dinner party host or just like to keep your pantry looking fashionable, consider this a timely buying guide.

You know KitchenAid for its elite stand mixers (and I happen to love their cordless hand mixer). Their latest outing? A sleek, modernist 1.9 liter stovetop kettle. The body is brushed stainless steel for superior heat retention, but the base is heavy-gauge aluminum for faster boiling; it is also induction compatible. The airtight lid hisses when your water reaches 212°F. Keep this thing on the stovetop for your morning coffee, tea, and oatmeal. —Tiffany Hopkins, Business Journalist

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Fresh cream cannot be improved. (Me, outside the creme fraiche door: “To me, you’re perfect.”) Or so I thought, until I tried Madagascar vanilla creme fraiche from Vermont Creamery. It is sprinkled with vanilla bean seeds and lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Last weekend I poured spoonfuls on grills designer peaches, and even my fruit-skeptic spouse asked for seconds. Use it anywhere you would use whipped cream for a dose of richness paired with the unbeatable sour flavor of cultured dairy. —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, Trade Editor

Vermont Creamery Vanilla Crème Fraîche

Whether it is Zhong sauce, chilli crispWhere black vinegar, we never get tired of Fly By Jing. Needless to say, we’re excited about their new Tingly Sichuan Salt, which is a combination of hand-picked numbs tribute peppers and kosher sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. (another brand we keep in heavy rotation). Like the rest of the FBJ line, we imagine this spicy seasoning is delicious on just about everything from grilled chicken to fried eggs to roasted vegetables. Catch me using it to salt my margarita rims all summer. —E

As they approach their 90th birthday in 2024, Nikka Whiskey is getting a little weird. The historic Japanese brand distills its single malts at two different sites; the whiskey that emerges from their Yoichi distillery on the northern island of Hokkaido uses peated malt (although it’s nowhere near as smoky as a robust Islay Scotch), and you can taste the saltiness of the ocean neighbour. Nestled in the mountains near Sendai, the Miyagikyo distillery produces a brighter and more elegant whiskey with the taste of orchard fruits. For this limited release, Nikka made a swapperoo, sending unpeated barley to Yoichi and peated to Miyagikyo. The unpeated single malt Yoichi is lovely, but it’s the peated Miyagikyo that’s a complete stunner – lightly smoky, roundly fruity and worth every penny. —MCF

Nikka Miyagikyo Peated Single Malt Limited Edition

When it comes to aesthetically pleasing table setting, handmade ceramic dinnerware is hard to beat. We love Haand’s porcelain pieces for their oddly uneven edges, quirky colors, and the fact that no two items are the same. Their new Cloud software collection is no exception. Each piece is glazed in deep blue and marbled white to resemble a summer afternoon sky. In this collection, you’ll find bowls, mugs, vases and more, all meant to be used and admired. Did we mention they’re offering 15% off sitewide through July 1? —E

Haand Cloudware Collection

I was previously unfamiliar with the concept of a “nacho trash canbut I am nothing if not a lifelong learner. Taking things a step further, the mayor of Flavortown and Tom Brady’s future film co-star– recently dared to ask the question: “And if nachos, but a dessert? The result is this multi-tiered, do-it-yourself bonanza from Goldbelly, which comes with mascarpone cream; chocolate and caramel sauces; pieces of brownie, caramel, pretzel and cannoli; and a cylindrical metal “bin” for assembly. Layer the ingredients guided by Guy’s mind, unmold your dessert nacho tower and go crazy. —MCF

Guy Fieri Dessert Bin Nachos

Our Place Non-Stick 8-in-1 Always Panoramic embers, sears, steams, fries, and more. Now it’s available in cast iron form, which means it’s oven safe up to 500 degrees and can handle a few jobs the original nonstick version couldn’t, like roasting, baking, and broiling. The interior is matte black enameled cast iron that requires no seasoning, and the glossy exterior is available in six different colors, including dusky pink, creamy oatmeal, and earthy green. The Always Pan Cast Iron Skillet also comes with a modular glass lid, beechwood spatula, and silicone handles to maneuver it safely from stovetop to oven to dinner table. —E

It’s the season to drink in the park, but sometimes I don’t want to drink all day. That’s when I grab a can of non-alcoholic Ghia soda or Ghia ginger from the cooler. Bitter and sparkling, they hit the same pleasure centers as a Cynar spritz but without the alcohol. If you haven’t tried Ghia yet, this new tasting kit is a great place to start. It includes two cans of each of their ready-to-drink bevs, plus a reduced bottle of Ghia aperitif so you can mix your own no- or low-ABV cocktails at home. —MCF

Chief Kwame Onwuachi has been busy. Last month he posted My America (one of the best cookbooks of the year so far). This month he teamed up with chef clothing brand Title to launch a limited edition apron, available in lavender, white or mist grey. The design is a nod to Onwuachi’s love of ’90s pop art, and the print incorporates images of some of his favorite foods (sushi), ingredients (okra) and sayings (‘DON’ T F**KING LABEL ME”). -E


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