Nintendo SEA launches an official Switch site for Malaysia


Malaysia today nintendo switch fans woke up to good news – Nintendo has launched an official website for Malaysia, something we never thought would happen even after years of being in Nintendo gaming. However, what does this mean and are there any changes?

When visiting the website, it seems little localized and follows in the footsteps of our neighbour, Singapore. In addition to that, there are also no local price tags displayed online, but you can instead buy the official Switch games, Switch console and Switch game peripherals online in Shop and Lazada.


On the Shopee and Lazada platform, you can see the MMSoft store which is actually still under MaxSoft (the current distributor). Although all Switch games are listed there with original price tags, most Malaysian Switch fans in the comments section would much prefer an eShop (I also second). Currently, Malaysian Switch fans who buy Switch games digitally rely on the US eShop due to cheaper prices when they go on sale.

Meanwhile, Nintendo SEA also opened a web portal for the Philippines, but with the same layout. Here’s hoping we can switch (pun intended) our Nintendo accounts and subscriptions to Malaysia, which can greatly benefit a local eShop if planned. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more tech news on


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