Non-gaming apps now dominate Apple’s App Store for the first time


While global downloads of games and non-gaming apps reached 35 billion in the second quarter of this year, spending on apps overtook games on the Apple App Store for the very first time in the United States.

According sensor towernon-gaming spending grew more than twice as much as gaming on the App store in the United States, with a compound annual growth rate of 40% since June 2014.

Total revenue generated by non-gaming applications was higher for the quarter, reaching nearly $3.4 billion in the US app storecompared to $3.3 billion spent on mobile games.

“Mobile app adoption normalized after a two-year low, with global downloads of games and non-gaming apps declining 2.5% year-over-year to 35 billion in the second quarter. 2022,” the report said.

Last quarter, iOS users in the US spent more on non-game apps than on first-time games.

More than half of App Store spending in the US now comes from non-gaming apps.

This increase in revenue is partly due to subscriptions, which non-gaming apps have increasingly adopted over the years.

In 2Q22, 400 apps generated at least $1 million in consumer spending, up 900% from 50 apps in Q2 2016, according to the report.

Subscriptions are the main driver of revenue growth, as non-gaming apps have grown nearly double since June 2014, compared to less than 20% for games, according to the report.



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