Now Sainsbury’s is testing cashierless shopping technology


(Pocket-lint) – UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is set to test a cashier-less shopping experience, using Amazon Go technology.

A “pocket market” in High Holborn is being tested by Sainsbury’s staff, with cameras in fixed positions to check what shoppers are putting in their baskets.

He calls the personalized SmartShop Pick & Go store, with visitors only having to scan their cell phones at the entrance.

Bloomberg reports that the store is expected to open to the public from November 29, 2021.

“We regularly test new, convenient ways for customers to shop with us and are currently testing an improved version of SmartShop with colleagues from one of our Holborn stores,” he said in a statement.

While the brand has yet to confirm that it is using Amazon technology to drive the new experiment, a “person familiar with the matter” told Bloomberg that it is the primary partner.

This will represent the first time that Amazon Go systems will be used outside of the United States. It also comes shortly after Tesco unveiled its own cashier-less alternative.

Also based in Holborn, Tesco GetGo also uses a phone connection, cameras and artificial intelligence to allow shoppers to simply choose their items and be billed automatically.

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