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An online store that helps consumers save money on quality gadgets has unveiled its best-selling car phone chargers.

A popular online gadget store that has earned a reputation for helping consumers save money on popular, high-quality gadgets today unveiled its best-selling cell phone chargers. CyberFantasy (, sells a wide range of gadgets ranging from car gadgets, home gadgets, beauty gadgets to phone gadgets.

The popular gadget store has become one of the most trusted brands this year. They continue to beat the big brands on price, giving consumers more for their money. Their prices are so low that they recently made headlines when they challenged Amazon to beat their prices.

CyberFantasy sells many high quality phone gadgets. The following three cell phone chargers are their top-selling phone accessories this month. All cell phone chargers are under $49. One of the cell phone chargers costs less than $18, which shows how CyberFantasy is helping consumers save money.

Here are the three best-selling cell phone chargers

car wireless charger mug

The Car Wireless Charger Cup is a fast selling product on the popular gadget store. It is priced at just $48.99 and uses wireless technology to charge a mobile device. It has two additional USB ports so three devices can be charged at once. This means that the driver’s mobile phone can be charged and his passengers can also charge their mobile devices. It’s not only a fast-charging device, but it also looks great.

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Dual USB PD and Type-C charger port

The Dual PD & Type C USB Charger Port is a great little cell phone charger. It is priced at just $17.99. It’s small enough to fit in a top pocket, so it can be used in friends’ cars.

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15W Qi Wireless Dual Hold Car Phone Charger

The 15W Qi Wireless Dual Socket Car Phone Charger is priced at just $21.99. It uses wireless technology to charge a mobile device.

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There are many awesome gadgets in the CyberFantasy store. All products come with a full warranty and are sold at their lowest price. To view the full range of products available, please visit

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CyberFantasy is a popular online store that sells quality gadgets at great prices.

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