OP Retail’s smart store solutions applied as Gadget Time expands stores in South Africa


“We are moving from a traditional electronic retailer to a digitized, data-driven provider of all things fun and innovative. OP Retail’s solution has reduced our costs by increasing the efficiency of store management, shelf display and really helped us learn more about the relationship between sales and traffic trends so that we could adjust our market strategy in time.” Said Mr. Wang, CEO of Gadget Time.

OP Retail’s initial solutions for Gadget Time enable their decision maker to accurately obtain customer flow data and standardize store operations with optimal manpower. The detailed solution includes:

  1. Deploy the 3D people counter sensor: PC5 at the entrance. Collect in-depth customer flow analysis to optimize store operations. Monitor the occupancy level in real time.
  2. Deploy O1P, HD PTZ camera with 23x optical zoom to remotely inspect any online scenario. Use the bespoke app to take photos and send corrective instructions directly to responsible personnel. Perform voice intercom to get guidance and final grinding results.
  3. Predefined scenarios for cameras to automatically capture store situations on a schedule for further inspection.
  4. Inspect on-site stores with the easy-to-use OP Retail app. Gadget Time HQ can ensure the validation and quality of each inspection.

Gadget Time plans to expand more stores outside of The cap regions in 2022, although the pandemic never ends with the rise of the new Omicron variant. “OP Retail’s enhanced occupancy management solution gives us great confidence in providing our customers with a safer shopping environment.” Said Mr. Wang.

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