Opening of Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – here’s what you need to celebrate this new attraction


An all-new “Guardians of the Galaxy” attraction took off at Walt Disney World in May 2022. Officially dubbed Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the thrill ride reunites fans with Star-Lord and his colorful crew of unlikely heroes. from the Marvel movies.

A creative collision of Disney Imagineering, mixtape-worthy tunes, and many of the show’s signature actions and attitudes, Cosmic Rewind is an indoor, reverse-launch roller coaster located in Epcot’s World Discovery district. More than just another adrenaline ride, the attraction tells an original “Guardians” tale that sees guests recruited by Nova Corps to help Peter Quill and company stop a hulking Celestial from erasing humanity from existence. . So no pressure.

Whether you’re planning on heading to Epcot to save the galaxy or are just thrilled to see Groot and the gang land in the Disney park, the following “Guardians” items are a great way to celebrate the opening of Cosmic Rewind.

$39.99 at the Disney Store

You don’t have to be on the next flight to Walt Disney World to celebrate Epcot’s latest thrill ride. Thanks to the artistic skills of longtime Disney Consumer Products collaborator Eric Tan, “Guardians of the Galaxy” fans and theme park enthusiasts can add this stunning matte print to their collection. Whether you have it professionally framed or placed on the wall with a few strips of tape, this stylized rendition of the Marvel/Epcot mash-up will enhance any geek man cave.

$19.95 at the Disney Store

'Guardians of the Galaxy' T-shirt Save the Galaxy

Spoiler alert: Cosmic Rewind guests could be invited to travel through time, help the Guardians fight off a villain who is wiping out the galaxy, and maybe even save humanity. These are tall orders, so why not approach them with a ton of confidence (and a bit of snark) with that “So…we’re saving the galaxy again?” T-shirt?

$39.99 at the Disney Store

Featuring Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax, this versatile hoodie keeps you comfortable while supporting your favorite galaxy-saving misfits. Of course, if you’re heading to Orlando to experience Cosmic Rewind, a heavy sweatshirt won’t do you any favors in the Florida heat. Fortunately, this design can also be customized in a variety of styles – including t-shirts – and color options.

$19.95 at the Disney Store

Want to show off your geeky love for Groot while to be eco-responsible? This 100% recycled Groot tote bag that is actually made from 100% natural materials has you covered. Plus, if you’re headed to Walt Disney World to experience Cosmic Rewind, it’s perfect for carrying all your travel needs and “Guardians” memorabilia.

$36.99 at the Disney Store

The t-shirts, tote bags and travel mugs make great collectibles for more mature fans of the sci-fi superhero series, but young fans of Star-Lord’s space shenanigans. probably want something they can actually play with. This action figure set fits the bill perfectly, letting kids let their imaginations run wild and create their own “Guardians” adventures. Of course, these detailed carvings wouldn’t look too shabby displayed on an adult’s collectible shelf either.

$26.99 on Amazon

Featuring 1980s hits like Blondie, Tears for Fears, Flock of Seagulls and more, Cosmic Rewind enthusiastically embraces Star-Lord’s affection for his awesome mixtapes. Fans can do the same with this boxed set featuring “Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 soundtracks. Bursting with nearly 30 tracks, the bundle offers the perfect way to get your head bobbing in preparation for the attraction.

$24.95 at the Disney Store

Baby Groot and his beloved catchphrase are easily two of the most popular things to come out of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, and the fan-pleasing pair collide perfectly in this emoji-inspired “I Am Groot” design. Perfect for kids, adults, and even grandmas who love Groot, this one also comes in a variety of styles and colors of t-shirts, zip-ups, and hoodies.

$16.95 at the Disney Store

If Baby Groot is just a little too cute for you, this similarly styled Rocket Raccoon t-shirt might suit your brand of “Guardians” fandom better. Perfect for the most feisty members of your travel party, it sports the same emoji-like design but swaps out the adorable tree character for everyone’s favorite “Trash Panda” and signature attitude.

$24.95 at the Disney Store

The only thing more dangerous than the civilization-wiping Celestial of Cosmic Rewind is the Florida heat you can endure before facing the big bad. Luckily, this 24-ounce water bottle will keep you hydrated in the ride queue while simultaneously showing your love for Drax, arguably the most underrated member of the Guardians.

$26.99 on Amazon

Whether it’s thwarting evil behind his dual quad blasters or striding through the stars from the cockpit of the Milano, Star-Lord’s heroic exploits are usually accompanied by his own personal soundtrack – courtesy of his Sony Walkman though. -like. This toy version of the classic cassette player would be a great addition to any Peter Quill cosplay or Guardians collection. The latter camp will also appreciate the device’s MP3 compatibility, voice recording features and old-school headphones.

$52.20 $39.94 on Amazon

Do you like the idea of ​​participating in an original “Guardians of the Galaxy” adventure but you don’t have the stomach for the roller coaster? Well, you can still help Star-Lord and his ragtag crew save the day from the comfort of your couch in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. Available on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the action-packed offering spins an all-new Guardians tale that doesn’t require a trip to Orlando.

$36.95 at the Disney Store

The series’ intergalactic military force, Nova Corps, plays an important role in Cosmic Rewind. In fact, Nova Prime Irani Rael (once again played by Glenn Close) makes a big return to guide guests through the story-driven roller coaster. With that in mind, you might want to gear up appropriately for the galaxy-saving adventure with this awesome gear emblazoned with the Nova Corps logo.

$22.95 at the Disney Store

It would be easier for you to groom (or prune?) Groot than to choose the perfect “Guardians of the Galaxy” t-shirt. Although there are hundreds to choose from, this stylized version of Star-Lord and his heroic pals stand out from the pack, but in a subtle way. If you prefer a more understated look – one that still showcases the full crew and your fandom – this one literally has your back.

$71.44 on Amazon

The first thing visitors to Epcot will see as they approach Cosmic Rewind is a life-size replica of a Nova Corps Starblaster. Fans of the iconic spacecraft can bring one of the ships home with this 196-piece Lego set. Perfect for collectors or kids looking to relive epic battles from the movies, the set also includes Star-Lord and Nova Officer minifigures as well as an enemy Sakaaran and his ship.

$22.99 on Amazon

Much like Disney’s newest attraction, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies are as defined by their infectious soundtracks as they are by their saving-the-day protagonists. If you love music inspired by 1980s mixtapes as much as heroes and stories, you can proudly show that adoration with a t-shirt style that swaps the standard character-driven designs for one that places the beloved tapes. of Star-Lord in the spotlight.

$24.95 at the Disney Store

The Disney Princesses tend to get the most love, but we’re also fans of Gamora, the Godslayer sword-wielding character. Gamora’s biggest fans can celebrate the green-skinned warrior with this epic “dangerous” design that shows her doing what she does best.

$12.99 $9.09 on Amazon

Whether you’re taking selfies in front of Cosmic Rewind’s massive Starblaster or just looking to protect your smartphone from life’s misadventures, this case will add plenty of Guardians-inspired style to your gadget. A cool caption to Star-Lords’ love of awesome mixtapes, this rugged, detailed case mimics the look of an old-school 1980s audio cassette..

$39.99 at the Disney Store

Epcot Energy Universe Tangled Print

Opening a new Disney theme park attraction is often bittersweet, because embracing a new ride or show can also mean saying goodbye to a beloved classic. If your enthusiasm for Cosmic Rewind is tempered somewhat by the fact that it’s taken over Epcot’s former Universe of Energy pavilion, this majestic matted print might help soothe that nostalgia-fueled sting. Better yet, display it side-by-side with the first entry on this list to show your love for Epcot past and present.

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