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At the beginning of August, Miss Trixie and I were in a local store and Ol’ Dutch noticed that they had already brought out some Halloween decorations. I’m sure you all remember when they started with that October 1st marketing madness but it seems like every store started digging up the orange stuff earlier and earlier in hopes of capturing the market before their competitors can’t do it. .

And I figured it was definitely early for the pumpkin craze, but soon after, I started seeing Christmas items on sale in neighborhood stores as well. I read somewhere that retailers try to sell these seasonal items as soon as possible because people have money now and they might not have it around Christmas due to the inflation.

When you think of the word inflation, we all usually think of inflating our tires. And it’s the same with an economy that continues to rise with nothing but air to sustain it. We all know things have never been more expensive and it’s almost everyday that the everyday items we buy go up in price. If you have a car and drive it, I don’t need to tell you how the price of gas has gone up and up. It’s ridiculous and I believe it’s a planned event. But regardless of your thoughts on the cost of living increases we’ve seen, it’s common knowledge that people need to change how they shop and what they buy.

At the Big Box store, I saw a cardboard carving pumpkin. The instructions said all the fun of sculpting without the mess and cheaper too. The display of said fake punkins showed children hitting this hollow paper sphere with fake knives which looked ridiculous. It’s almost un-American to suggest that children should be deprived of the experience of sticking their hands in a slimy pumpkin and gutting it like last year’s deer. Otherwise, how can they learn to process a carcass unless they start with piles of slimy orange stringy seeds?

And I hear that many brain surgeons got their start in such a situation, and we don’t want to deprive the world of such talent found at the beginning of the Halloween period in their lives. But we’re weird people always looking for the easy way out and I can see these new cardboard contraptions will be popular with moms as it means less mess to clean up later. That’s unless you count the blood from said child’s clumsy attempt to slice through the smooth, hard surface of the cardboard. And then the savings on that new gadget will be offset by a trip to the local emergency room for five stitches in little Johnny’s hand.

But all in all, it’s a great time of year to look forward to with the little gremlins soon to be seen dodging cars and trucks in an effort to get $3 worth of candy in their bags. And if ER exposure doesn’t steer your child toward a career in the medical field, rest assured that the annual door-to-door candy begging will set them up for a lifetime of selling vacuum cleaners to stuck-up lonely housewives. at home.

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