QB free agents to bring for competition in 2022


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquez Callaway (1): (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

The New Orleans Saints could be on their way to quarterback competition in 2022. Which free agents might make sense to Sean Payton’s side?

The New Orleans Saints are likely considering a full quarterback reset during the 2022 offseason. They are part of a handful of teams who may be chasing big-time veterans like Russell Wilson via trade, or maybe even try their luck against a player in the 2022 NFL Draft.

As the Saints continue to try to figure out life after Drew Brees, giving Taysom Hill one weird contract after another, what are they going to do with their actual QB position, not just the gadget QB position?

Will Sean Payton prioritize a quarterback who can take every shot or will he go after someone who allows him to share shots with Taysom Hill?

New Orleans Saints free agent QB options for 2022 season

1. Jameis Winston (Saints)

There are a few intriguing options for the New Orleans Saints if they decide to take the free agency route to quarterback, starting with simply bringing Jameis Winston back.

The Saints were playing well with Winston at the helm early in the season, starting 5-2 with Winston throwing 14 touchdowns compared to just three interceptions in that span.

Extrapolated from a 17-game regular season, Winston would have been on track for 34 pass touchdowns. Who knows if he could have kept that pace, but at least at first it seemed like Sean Payton’s work with Winston was about to really work out.

Then Winston tore his ACL apart, making his future with New Orleans murky at best.

Starting his season at 28, the former No. 1 overall pick is probably still a preferable option for the Saints. He offers pretty high potential, he’s still young and he was showing signs of being very productive in this attack.

If the New Orleans Saints go the free agent route, Winston is likely high on their list.


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