Rainbow Six Extraction’s Next Crisis Event, After Effect, Is Now Live


Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Extraction’s fourth Crisis Event, After Effect.

Available now through November 17, the new content will be an “exciting culmination” of the last three events, bringing “more post-launch content” that includes an all-new enemy, REACT tech, challenges, and cosmetic items.

Let’s play the PS5 multiplayer gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction: SHOOTING DOWN THE CHIMERA!

“In After Effect, Operators must seek out the precious Nucleus Parasite, transport it and wield its power; or escort and protect the transporter from incoming threats, including the Amber Sprawl,” Ubisoft explains.

“The Core Death Marker is a powerful ability that the Carrier can use against enemies and parasitic structures. It will allow teammates to instantly obliterate marked enemies from any source of damage that subsequently hits them, players must therefore use this powerful ability strategically.”

Wearing the Nucleus will impair the wearer’s vision, with exposure levels increasing until the Nucleus is dropped or reaches 100% “exposure level”. You will also find that your speed and mobility are also reduced unless you are using the new REACT gadget, Replusion Harness. Unable to fight, the aircraft carrier will have to rely on its squads to cross the containment area alive.

You’ll also encounter new headgear, new Crisis Studies, themed charms, and the Proteam enemy Finka in After Effect.

“Extraction offers a surprisingly rewarding and at times confusing experience that, despite its limited map and objective offerings, and my communication concerns, held my attention far longer than I expected,” I said in my Rainbow Six review. Extraction. This year. “No, it’s not the most innovative shooter out there, but it’s a nice addition to the Rainbow Six lineup.”


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