Rainbow Six Siege players unhappy with Year 7 Pass content — SiegeGG


The Rainbow Six Siege community is not impressed with the Year 7 Pass.

The Year 7 Pass was released on February 22, and Rainbow Six Siege players are already expressing their frustration with its content – ​​or lack thereof. On Reddit, some players have created memes that highlight the difference in content between the Year 7 Pass and previous passes.

One showed that the Year 5 pass had six operators, six uniforms, a headgear and charm, and a universal weapon skin. There was also a Fame Boost, an Alpha Pack Boost, and a Loyalty Reward Bonus.

Meanwhile, the Year 7 Pass only has four operators, one uniform and one headgear, and no universal weapon skins, fame boosts, Alpha Pack bosts, or loyalty reward credit bonuses. Despite all this, the Year 7 Pass is the same price as previous years.

Another problem was that previous passes did not expire until the start of the following year. Meanwhile, the 7 year pass expires after just over a month. After that, the Year 7 Pass can no longer be purchased after or during a Steam sale.

It’s unclear why Ubisoft decided to include less content in this year’s pass. It’s possible that Rainbow Six Extraction is one of the reasons, as the new game likely took some of the developers’ attention and time.

Rainbow Six Extraction notoriously has extremely creative headgear and other skins, which are the envy of Siege players who know the cosmetics are a bit too extravagant to blend in.


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