Rajkot: Dussehra Bhukka kidnapped, 1600 cars, 1000 bicycles and 2 crores of nagtia-jalebi sold News WAALI


Rajkot: Dussehra Bhukka kidnapped, 1600 cars, 1000 bikes and 2 crores of nagtia-jalebi sold

Heavy Rush to buy Ganthiya and jalebis cars, bikes and sweets on Dashera in Rajkot mlrMustufa Lakdawala, Rajkot: today victory tenths festival is then in Rajkot today since the morning J by Farsan in the shops TumorsJalebi And lungs take for the fighter Curry has been. as well dessert Also the smell Sale Finished rest is. today a J during the day People of Rajkot 2 crores TumorsJalebi the tone enjoy is. as well SATA, Snowy, Toprapak Including dessert Also sale 3 crores around past is.

This Outraged Car In the field This year one and a half count sale past is. today a J during the day 1600 car And 1000 biking sale past is. Second Towards Real Domain In the field So Silver Silver is.

electronics 2 A thousand Article exhausted

Last year from Dussehra Of the party Overview This of the year from Dussehra at the festival among the people Electronic Article while purchasing After enthusiasm have found rest is. today the smell purchase left is. People in advance J reservation Curry took were. most After purchase Freeze And Washing machine Finished is. in Rajkot About Dussehra 2 A thousand gadget sale past is. However This purchase diwali until continued will be Like that merchants to tell about stayed is.

Dear seven car exhausted

in Rajkot Dear of the car thing do So today a J during the day 70 lakhs After valuable Of them Audi car exhausted is. as well Navratri Meanwhile His sale sevenof past is. as well 60 lakhs After Precious 5 mercedes of the car today a J during the day sale past is. when Navratri Meanwhile mercedes of the car sales the number 12 is. This Outraged 5of 50 Lakh until 1600 of the car sale past is. in which Tata of engines J thing do So Both Merchant meet Finished a J of the day on the inside 225of After four wheels sale past is. Currently Tata In the engines in the car 2of 3 of the month Expect is.

Bicycle take people Spectaclein the room the crowd tear down

today from Dussehra Holy parved Good luck In the moment people Bicycle take Also biking Spectaclein the room facing up is. today Car Spectaclefrom the room owners Told According in Rajkot 1000of After Bicycleto be sold like that Estimate is. biking in sales Also today A lot Increase have found is.

100 crores After Houses exhausted

Real in the field From Navratri J Boom appeared rest is. most After purchase And reservation Commercial In the project is. New units beginning As And continued Swapindustry And of generation space increasing has come rest is. Rs.100 crores After the amount Swap today from Dussehra day past is.

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