Ramadan Shopping: Ramadan 2022: Google unveils features related to the festival


google unveiled new features related to Ramadan This year. The holy month of Muslims has started and to help people with the correct information, the tech giant has unveiled some festival-centric features.
Ramadan information on search
According to Google, Ramadan-related search queries have jumped 25% in the past two years. To solve the same problem, Google says it has created a section dedicated to information related to prayer times, news, etc. accessible by simply searching for Ramadan.
“If you want a ‘101’ moon-gazing experience, search our interactive game on Google where you can search for the crescent to find out if Ramadan has started or not.” added the tech giant in a blog post.
Find it Qiblah and Iftar schedule
Google added an AR-powered web app called Qibla Finder to help users locate the correct prayer direction. Users can also find the correct prayer times.
Browse the Ramadan shopping Guide
Google has also launched a Ramadan shopping guide to help users explore the most popular Ramadan products and browse product options.
Works related to Ramadan
The company is introducing its interactive digital Ramadan coloring book from Google Arts & Culture to other countries, including Indonesia, Turkey and India. It allows users to add their personal artistic touch to the featured art which can then be shared with friends and family.


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