rapoo: Rapoo has launched five new webcams with up to 4K resolution and dual noise-canceling microphones in India, pricing starts at Rs 3,499


Expand its portfolio of computer peripherals and games, Rapo made a foray into the webcam market in India. The company announced five new webcams in the Rapoo C series which includes — Rapoo C200Rapoo C260, Rapoo 270L, Rapoo C280 and Rapoo C500.
Rapoo NEW C-SERIES C webcams are portable design, support plug and play, offer high-resolution sensors and microphones to meet all online needs of users.
Price and availability
The RAPOO C200, C260, C270L, C280 and C500 are priced at Rs 3,499, Rs 3,999, Rs 4,699, Rs 4,999 and Rs 10,999, respectively. These products are available on Amazon.in and other major online and offline stores.
Rapoo C200: Characteristics
Rapoo C200 is the cheapest webcam in the series. According to the company, this webcam is for those looking for a good quality webcam on a budget. The webcam offers 720p resolution with an 89-degree wide-angle view. It also comes with a flexible, rotatable stand that can be attached to the lid of a monitor or laptop.
Rapoo C260: Features
The C260 webcam offers 1080p resolution with an 80-degree wide view and claims to deliver crisp, quality detail. It is suitable for online classes and professional video calls.
Rapoo C270L: Features
The C270L also supports Full HD 1080P resolution and comes with a 360-degree rotating head and a USB-C interface compatible with almost all modern laptops. The webcam features a 105 degree super wide angle lens and two omnidirectional microphones. Additionally, the C270L also features soft LED lights for low-light video calls.
Rapoo C280: Features
The Rapoo C280 is the high quality webcam that supports Quad HD 1440p resolution and comes with omnidirectional microphones. The webcam claims to provide high resolution output and clear voice quality. Additionally, the C280 also features a privacy cap.
Rapoo C500: Features
The C500 is the most expensive of the five webcams the company has launched. It supports 4K resolution and has an 80-degree wide-angle lens. Along with these, it also includes noise cancellation microphones for clear audio.


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