Robots, Metaverse, transport on display at the Consumer Electronics Show


Tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks descend on Las Vegas for a scaled-down, yet highly innovative, in-person Consumer Electronics Show.

It officially kicks off on Wednesday, but some of the 2,200 exhibitors are already giving visitors a taste of what’s new and next steps.

Products run the gamut and include things like a lamp that lets you wake up to the experience of a natural sunrise or a holder-shaped toothbrush that lets you brush all your pearly whites in too little more than 10 seconds.

“You’re looking at what products are in stores right now, but also what’s coming next,” said Jim Fellinger, senior director of industry communications at the Consumer Technology Association.

Next up is the Metaverse, a kind of 3D version of the Internet. For now, people are experiencing the Metaverse using AR or VR headsets that allow them to immerse themselves in another world. But, it’s the technology that Fellinger says has applications far beyond entertainment and games.

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“If you think of people who are in need of therapy or who have experienced trauma, the Metaverse presents you with a place you can comfortably come in and explore things like therapy and counseling.”

Health technologies are also booming during the pandemic. There are more and more wearable devices, scalable home tests for COVID-19, and even a device that monitors your dog’s mood.

Technology is also driving the future of transportation. Robots, scooters and bicycles roam the floors. And, there’s an in-store ad for pickup drivers.

“GM will actually be showcasing its all-new Silverado electric truck,” Fellinger said.

And, in a show of challenge, self-driving racing cars will compete against each other on the race track, moving at around 140 mph.

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