Rogue Company Update 1.91 Released for Neochrome and More This February 8


First Watch Games has released Rogue Company Update 1.91, and this is for the massive Neochrome update on February 8! Check out the full patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 1.91 Patch Notes:


The Neochrome update kicks off this cold season with scorching content! Jackal has struck again, this time in a new map based in the Arctic Circle, Meltdown!

Neochrome Battle Pass

The Neochrome Battle Pass is fully mechanized with rewards across 50 tiers that you can go through just by playing the game! As you play, you’ll get the Battle Pass experience and be cybernetically enhanced with amazing rewards like the Cyber ​​Objection Mythic Skin and the Mech Fighter Chaac Outfit!

Battle Pass Base Pack (1000 Rogue Bucks)

  • Dystopian Switchblade
  • Cool Cubes Hoverboard
  • 60 minute boost
  • 20% Battle Pass XP

Battle Pass Elite Pack (2000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +15 battle pass levels
  • Dystopian Switchblade
  • Cool Cubes Hoverboard
  • 60 minute boost
  • 20% Battle Pass XP

Battle Pass Rewards

  • Punch spray
  • OMG HI Emote
  • Cybertech Main Weapon Wrap
  • Synth Space Hoverboard
  • Mechanical Research Avatar
  • Fluorescent waves border
  • 30 minute boost
  • killer hunt
  • Neutral Nurnie Melee Weapon Skin
  • Hacker Title
  • 30 minute boost
  • 200 dollars rogue
  • dark web
  • Error 404 Banner
  • Hoverboard circuit board
  • 45 minute boost
  • Flip Breakdance Emote
  • 45 minute boost
  • 200 dollars rogue
  • Intrusion Main Weapon Wrap
  • 45 minute boost
  • Animated Avatar Together Forever
  • Neon double helix border
  • 60 minute boost
  • Animated Contract Completed Banner
  • Vividly detailed secondary weapon wrap
  • 200 dollars rogue
  • Error 404 Title
  • Central computer border
  • The bag sprayer
  • Laser Sight Fixer Outfit
  • Amplitude Primary Reactive Weapon Envelope
  • Fluorescent Flash Animated Banner
  • 60 minute boost
  • Plasma arc edge
  • cyberpunk title
  • 200 dollars rogue
  • Wingsuit Ecto Slime
  • Crush Emote
  • Cyber ​​Objection Mythical Packaging
  • 60 minute boost
  • Nuclear Anomaly Animated Avatar
  • 200 dollars rogue
  • Animated Mech Fighter Banner
  • Wingsuit of Intrusion
  • Battle Pass Season 5 Avatar
  • Anomaly title
  • Mechanical Fighter’s Chaac Outfit

New ranked season

The first new season of the new year begins today, delivering last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn! We have more updates for Ranked detailed in our Project Saint section below!

For those of you new to the leaderboard:

  • You must be at account level 30 to participate
  • You will play in 10 qualifying matches to determine your ranked division and level
  • Each division (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) has 5 levels
  • Ranked Points can be gained or lost by winning or losing matches

New Rogue Mastery Content

In this release, we are introducing Rogue Mastery Rewards for Mastery Levels 6 and 7. Each of these levels will reward a themed animated avatar and an animated banner respectively. Players who have already earned these levels will automatically receive them upon login!

New map: Fusion

Deep in the Arctic Circle and embedded in a geothermal power plant, a secret R&D facility succeeds in creating the world’s first true artificial intelligence. Seeing a potential threat, Jackal sabotages the plant by disrupting the network of dormant volcanoes it sits on and rigs the facility to self-destruct. The magnitude of such an explosion could create a catastrophic chain reaction unless Rogue Company can prevent the meltdown.

2.1 SLT Schedule

  • 2/8 2/14 Meltdown LTM Experience the latest map in a variety of modes!
  • 2/15 3/1 King of the Hill 6v6
  • 3/2 3/7 Battle area


EXPERIMENTAL Feature: Human Backfill

This feature is designed to allow players to join matches in progress, allowing players to save the day whenever matches have players leaving in the middle of a match. Players who join such matches will be rewarded with the maximum reputation and experience that could be earned in the full match, ensuring that your time is rewarded. With this feature, we hope to resolve the uneven matches that tend to occur for our players.

That being said, this feature is experimental. We have worked diligently to develop this feature, and to ensure quality, we want to put it out in the wild under observation and in a controlled environment outside of our internal testing. This means that at the start of this update, Human Backfill will only be active for our occasional demolition queue. We would like to count on you, the players, to play in this queue and give us your feedback on this feature.

Battle Pass Progression

One major change we’re introducing in this patch is the ability to purchase Battle Pass Tiers with your hard-earned reputation! We hope this will allow you, the players, to engage and progress in our Battle Passes in the future!

Ranked Queue

For our ranked players, we want to expand their competitive palate by adding even more of our great game modes to the queue! This means that now, in ranked mode, players can play King of The Hill competitively alongside Demolition. All modes will be hosted in a single queue and your overall performance will contribute to your ranking. We look forward to your feedback on this update!

Cards galore

In 0.66, we tailored our selection of maps in each queue to maximize the performance of game modes on a per-map basis. We’ve since received a lot of community feedback on this change, and we want you to know you’ve been heard! In this update: We’re adding all our maps back to our TDM, Strikeout and Demolition queues! We hope you enjoy this change and look forward to your feedback.

Gameplay HUD improvements

Health Bar Improvements – Previously we improved armor feedback and with this update we updated the visual style of our health bars to give players more clarity between HP and Armor in commitments.

Gadget HUD improvements – In this update, we’ve expanded our HUD to better show players both gadget slots to improve their ability to track which gadgets they have in their two slots. Also, we added hotkey prompt for swap in HUD.


  • Nimble Hands has been replaced by Bounce Back.
  • Ballistic Knife explosive radius increased from 3m to 3.5m.


  • Halo Drone damage increased from 60 to 75.


  • Barbed Wire previously ticked 4 times per second, at 5 damage. Now clicks 3 times per second, dealing 7 damage.


  • Damage increased from 100 to 125.
  • Minimum damage increased from 40 to 70.
  • Second C4 upgrade damage increased from 175 to 200.


  • HS damage increased from 17 to 18.


  • Clip increased from 30 to 40.
  • Body damage increased from 11 to 12.

Mark 4

  • HS damage increased from 30 to 32

against the current

  • HS damage increased from 26 to 28.


  • Reduced maximum reticle bloom.


  • Revive cash reward increased from 500 to 1000
  • Suicide Cash Penalty increased from 500 to 1250.

Classified demolition

  • Round Win Total reduced from 8 to 7
  • Round win bonus increased from 6.5000 to 7000
  • Round loss bonus increased from 5.5000 to 6.5000.
  • Revive cash reward increased from 500 to 1000
  • Suicide Cash Penalty increased from 500 to 1250.

king of the hill

  • Changed in one turn.
  • The duration of the tour is 10 minutes.
  • The score to win is 250.
  • The hills rotate every 60 seconds.
  • Two additional hill locations have been added to each map.
  • Down payment increased from $500 to $1,000

combat zone

  • Mythic Crates now have a timer indicating when they will be active.

That’s about it for the patch.

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