Rogue Company’s Official Deal Update Adds New Battle Pass and More


Rogue Company, the free shooter game developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios has received a new update. titled the formal caseit introduces some changes to the game. As confronted on the official website, the game will receive a new Battle Pass, quality of life improvements and content that is supposed to entertain those who love the game.

Not to mention, the update changes the draft pick in leaderboards and customs, and gets weapon proficiency right where it needs to be. LTMs, map changes, game balancing, and more can be found in the patch notes below.

Rogue Company Formal Affair Release Notes


Our Rogues infiltrate a high society party in a familiar location as Party Crashers to gather information on potential new leads against Jackal. In this battle pass, Rogues come in fashion (some outfits you might have seen in an update a long time ago) with cosmetics for Lancer, Ronin, Juke, and Trench. Finally, it wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t come with your trusty +1, the Mythic SLC Mixtape weapon skin!

Battle Pass Base Pack (1000 Rogue Bucks)

  • Epic Mortal Deluxe Ronin Outfit
  • Rare Purple Prose Wingsuit
  • 1 hour account boost
  • 20% Battle Pass XP bonus

Battle Pass Elite Pack (2000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +15 battle pass levels
  • Epic Mortal Deluxe Ronin Outfit
  • Rare Purple Prose Wingsuit
  • 1 hour account boost
  • 20% Battle Pass XP bonus


General rewards

  • 3 Reward Supply Drops
  • 3 account boosts of 30 minutes
  • 3 account boosts of 45 minutes
  • 3 one-hour account boosts
  • 1000 dollars rogue

Beauty products

  • Fatal Arrangement Rare Spray
  • Sitting for Excellence Rare Emote
  • The Plus One Epic Melee Wrap
  • Rare Golden Sands Wingsuit
  • Rare Burning Mount Avatar
  • Rare Treacherous Seas Frontier
  • Risky Prance Rare Emote
  • The Epic Plus One Primary Wrap
  • Belle of the Ball Epic Title
  • Rare Dusk Trench Outfit
  • A Rare Night Banner
  • Rare Reptilian Wingsuit
  • Shake it Epic Emote
  • The Epic Secondary Pack Plus One
  • Cow Company Rare Avatar
  • Rare Rose Gold Border
  • fashion statement
  • Killer Threads epic title
  • Fashion Statement Legendary Melee Sash
  • Hang Loose Rare Spray
  • Rare Scaducci Juke Outfit
  • Rare High Roller border
  • Ballistic Bullet Epic Banner
  • Fashion Statement Legendary Main Scarf
  • Silk Flight Epic Hoverboard
  • Campfire Connoisseur Legendary Emote
  • Mythic SL-C Mixtape Envelope
  • Epic Nine Lives Avatar
  • Golden Shot Epic Banner
  • Singularity Epic Wingsuit Wrap
  • 21 Carat Legendary Avatar
  • Party Life Legendary Title
  • Legendary Heist Lancer Outfit


The first new season of the new year begins today, delivering last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn!

Year 2 Season 4 Ranked Rewards

The following rewards will be distributed based on eligibility:

  • Played 30 Ranked Games: Beautiful View Epic Banner
  • Rogue Level Reached: Epic Intervention Banner


  • Week 1: TDM Skirmish
  • Week 2: KOTH 4v4
  • Week 3: Extraction
  • Week 4: Combat Zone
  • Week 5: Winger
  • Week 6: Skirmish Dodgeball



Glacier received an update to speed up rotations and minimize vertical stacking of major battlespaces.

  • The stairs to the bottom of the map have been closed. Now only provides a linear path on either side of the map.
  • New lanes have been added amidships.

Draft selection improvements

Based on player feedback, we are adjusting the allocation of picks in our ranked draft modes, as the first ban and top two picks were too strong. As a result, the draft will now be presented in a more familiar format:

  • Team A bans 1 Red
  • Team B bans 1 Thief
  • Team A chooses 1 thief
  • Team B chooses 2 thieves
  • Team A chooses 2 thieves
  • Team B chooses 2 thieves
  • Team A chooses 1 thief

Extended Weapon Mastery

We’ve had challenges and unlocks for our secondaries and melee since the initial release of the Weapon Mastery system, all but the ultimate reward of unlocking weapons for use on other Rogues. It’s time. Now, melee weapons and fully mastered pistols can be traded between rogues. We’ve also retrofitted a bunch of our new melee weapons to characters we think are right for them, making them a bit more accessible to master for those who may not have all of the new Rogues. See under Game Balance for more details on these changes.




With the introduction of Volatile and Energized increasing both potency and overheat frequency, we think a slight cooldown nerf is in order.

  • Increased Overheat cooldown from 45 seconds to 60 seconds.


  • The basic melee weapon has been replaced by the Claymore.


The basic melee weapon has been replaced by the combat knife.


  • Smoke Grenade changed to Pop Smoke Grenade.
  • The base melee weapon has been replaced by the Katana.


  • The basic melee weapon has been replaced by the baseball bat.


A while back, we changed Anvil’s ability, Barricade, so it can deploy two barricades simultaneously. We also wanted the ability to store two charges since that’s how other multi-charge deployables work. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make this change due to the Barricade’s “Break Glass” feature.

However, we think it’s more interesting to be able to store two Barricade charges, so we’ve removed the “Break Glass” feature from the ability. You can still break the glass if you wish by shooting the small yellow cartridges inside the shield. We think this is a net buff to Barricade, so we’re increasing the cooldown slightly to compensate.

  • Removed the ability to break glass by pressing the ability button again. Instead, you can now only break glass by shooting the yellow canister.
  • The ability cooldown is now 40 seconds (max 2 charges).
  • The ability can now store two charges, similar to Trench’s Barbed Wire and Vy’s Poison.
  • The base melee weapon has been replaced with the Sledgehammer.


  • The basic melee weapon has been replaced by the combat knife.
  • The cooldown to revive your bound target was recharging too quickly and now shows recharging at the correct 60 second rate.


  • The basic melee weapon has been replaced by the throwing axe.


  • The base melee weapon has been replaced with the Khukri.


Smoke Targeting

We are addressing an unintended exploit caused by the complexity of our visual effects in Unreal Engine.

  • It is no longer possible to use gadget AoE targeting to see player outlines through smoke.



We wanted to err on the side of caution with the initial release of the gadgeteer perk, lest the perk be too strong and send us back to more gadget-heavy gameplay. Unfortunately, the perk was found to be ineffective for the cost, so we’re increasing its effectiveness and slightly increasing the price of each tier.

  • Now provides 10%/20%/30% cooldown reduction at Rare/Epic/Legendary.
  • Cost increased to $6,000/$9,000/$12,000


LR15 & Tire

We reintroduced Flinch to our snipers. Flinch bounces your reticle to simulate your character “flinching” when taking damage from other sources. The goal here is to make snipers easier to punish when fighting within the effective range of ARs and SMGs.

Game Modes

King of the Hill (KOTH)

  • KOTH is now made up of several towers.


  • Fixed an issue where players would see a “Network Disconnected” after selecting a Thief.
  • Fixed Dahlia’s “Danger Close” cooldown partially resetting after bonding with a teammate.
  • Fixed an issue where when picking up a C4, players would drop an extra C4.
  • Fixed an issue where gadget cooldowns would reset when purchasing an upgrade.
  • Contracts based on fixed expenses.
  • Fixed audio issues in many places on our maps.
  • Correctly adjusted Juke’s Rogue role for data and contract purposes.
  • The Gl1tch hack now properly affects gadgets that are “in hand”.
  • Fixed an issue where our volume sliders were not completely correct.
  • Fixed an issue where respawning players could sometimes not access the shop in – King Of The Hill.
  • Juke Turret hit register was not playing the proper hit SFX against armored targets.
  • Fixed several exploit slots that Juke could access.
  • Fixed Mythic MLX Mark 4 VFX when respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where Umbra, while using the spider, could enter an involuntary state if hit by a reflector gadget.
  • Reflector Gadget kills should correctly count when players clear enemies from the map.


  • There is a potential issue with the camera resting higher than intended when crouching + ADS.
  • Minor visual shake of your primary weapon when ADSing after a dodge roll.

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