Saints need to involve Taysom Hill more in attack


The New Orleans Saints are at their best when Taysom Hill is used in his famous gimmicky role. Why then did they stop using the Swiss army knife?

The last two games, which didn’t go well for New Orleans, really didn’t feature Hill much. According to Chris Rosvoglou on Twitter, Hill only had four carries, two pass attempts and one target in those two games. The Saints were also outscored by a combined 47-23 in those two losses.

When Hill was used, we saw how much better the Saints offense is. In their last win, which came in Week 8 against the Raiders, Hill ran the ball 10 times for 61 yards and caught one pass for 11 yards. Alvin Kamara left that week and scored 18 of the team’s 24 points in a 24-0 win over the Raiders, but it still proved that when Hill is in the mix, the offense is one. any other level.

In the Saints’ three wins on the year, there is a common trend – the use of Taysom Hill.

In their Week 1 win over the Falcons, Hill ran the ball four times for 81 yards and a touchdown and had one reception. The Saints won 27-26.

In the Week 5 win over the Seahawks, Hill ran the ball nine times for 112 yards and scored the hat trick in the end zone. He also threw a pass and it went for a touchdown, giving him four scores in that game. The Saints won 39-32.

I’ve already mentioned Hill’s stats in the Week 8 win over the Raiders and that means any time Hill is heavily involved on offense, the Saints put themselves in a better position to win. It makes no sense that he’s only been on the pitch for 40% of attacking snaps in each of the last two games.

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It is inexcusable to continue to leave Taysom Hill off the game plan when he is clearly the difference for this offense. When he’s on the field, the Saints are a better team. Period.


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