Samsung wows wine lovers with new bespoke fridges and IoT features


Lee Jae-seung, President and Head of Digital Home Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, poses for a photo against the backdrop of Samsung’s all-new side-by-side refrigerator as part of the Bespoke Infinite range unveiled at Samsung Digital on Thursday. Plaza in southern Seoul. (Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics on Thursday announced that a wine cooler will be part of its new set of home appliances under its Bespoke brand to target wine lovers in South Korea, coupled with its Internet of Things features for wine pairing recommendation. wines.

Its new premium built-in side-by-side refrigerator, as part of its all-new Bespoke Infinite range, features a dual-zone upright wine cooler that can hold up to 101 bottles of wine.

The temperature of each zone can be set between 4 and 18 degrees Celsius, allowing users to store bottles of red and white wine. The two different zones are vertically separated by a cool pantry for wine snacks such as ham, nuts, cheese and fruit, and users can have five options for temperature setting.

The wine cooler will be one of four vertical compartments in the side-by-side fridge, alongside those dedicated to the fridge and freezer, as well as storing kimchi for fermentation, Samsung said. The retail price of Samsung’s wine cooler starts at 5 million won ($4,200).

Combined with Samsung’s updated SmartThings software, the new product will give wine lovers a richer wine experience with stronger multi-device connectivity powered by artificial intelligence.

Voice-activated software, which connects Samsung’s gadgets to Bespoke home appliances via Wi-Fi, recommends options for wine and its wine pairings. It also provides wine inventory management function with app camera functionality, just by taking photos of wine label.

Lee Jae-seung, president and head of digital devices business at Samsung Electronics, speaks during a virtual press conference held on Thursday.  (Samsung Electronics)

Lee Jae-seung, president and head of digital devices business at Samsung Electronics, speaks during a virtual press conference held on Thursday. (Samsung Electronics)

The side-by-side fridge was part of the Bespoke Infinite range, unveiled at a virtual press conference on Thursday.

The Bespoke Infinite range also includes a large capacity four-door French door refrigerator, smart range hood, dual cooking oven, 7.4 kilowatt four-element induction cooktop and dishwasher. ‘capacity for 12 people, all of which are built -in appliances.

These are also among 24 new bespoke products – including a windless air conditioner, a lightweight cleaner, a 24-kilogram washing machine and a 20-kilogram one – that are set to launch until the end. of 2022.

The launch comes in the fourth year of the Bespoke collection, which offers users a personalized set of appliances for a kitchen, living room and laundry room.

Bespoke lines accounted for more than 80 percent of Samsung’s home appliance sales in Korea in 2021, Lee Jae-seung, president and head of digital appliance business at Samsung Electronics, told a press conference. .

Lee added that his bespoke lines will have a greater overseas market presence as they are set to sell in 50 countries across North America, Europe and Central Asia by the end of the year. ‘year.



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