Save 20% on New Casely Power Pod MagSafe Wireless Chargers


Mobile technology is convenient, but there’s always the problem of keeping things charged when you’re on the go. Thankfully, the days of scrambling to find an outlet may finally be behind us, thanks in large part to wireless charging technology. However, we’re not talking about wireless chargers, which still require a wired power source – we’re actually talking about At Casely new Pocket Power Pod, a three-in-one MagSafe-compatible charging pack that lets you charge all your devices on the go. They’re also on sale right now, giving you 20% off your order with the payment code TRENDS20. Here’s what you need to know.

The Casely Power Pod is actually a portable power bank, wireless charger, and magnetic battery all rolled into one device. With a MagSafe-enabled iPhone, you can magnetically attach the Power Pod directly to the back of your phone to charge anywhere. It also works with MagSafe-compatible cases, and using the included magnetic adhesive ring, you can even attach the Power Pod to non-MagSafe devices that have Qi wireless charging.

When not mounted directly to your device, the Casely Power Pod can be used like any other Qi wireless charger. This lets you power compatible gadgets, including wireless charging cases for headphones such as the Apple AirPods Pro. For devices that require wired charging, the Power Pod can connect using a standard USB-C cable, meaning this handy little battery can power just about any mobile gadget you own. If you travel with multiple devices and are tired of juggling multiple different charging solutions, then the Casely Power Pod is a must-have accessory for road trips, vacations, festivals, or just your daily commute.

The Casely Power Pod charges an AirPods case.

The new Casely Power Pods are available in 14 different colors, from classic black and off-white to various patterns and other solid colors. A Power Pod would normally set you back $60, which is still great value, but our readers can take advantage of a 20% discount that lets you score the new Power Pods for just $48 each for a limited time. . Just use the promotional code TRENDS20 at the register. The discount code is also valid for everything else on the Casely site, so now’s a great time to pick up other accessories like a new phone case.

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