Save 52% on this cat toy that helps entertain and exercise your furry friend


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TL; DR: As of March 13, this Interactive Balance feathered cat toy is on sale for $18.99, which is 52% off its regular price of $39.

When you first bring home a cat or kitten, you can’t just let it loose in your home and expect it to adjust on its own. Even though cats have been domesticated for centuries, they are still animals with instincts and curiosity. If you don’t provide your cats with the proper toys and accessories, your cat could eliminate its confusion and anxiety on your favorite leather chair instead of a gadget or gizmo designed for it.

With the Interactive Balance Feather Cat Toy, you can keep your cat challenged, motivated, and maybe even relieve some of their anxiety at the same time. This toy is equipped with two weighted pendulums that allow it to always recover after being hit by your cat. Your cat will need to stretch and stand to hit the top of the ball or feather, and will do so over and over since the toy cannot be knocked over. It’s a great way to give your cat some exercise while entertaining them with the thought of catching the feather. Plus, it could be a useful gadget for cats adjusting to a new home or for those getting used to you returning to work for the first time in a while.

If your cat usually shows no interest in toys, this one is different thanks to the secret compartment that allows you to place catnip inside. It works best on hardwood floors, but can also be used on flatter carpets.

The Interactive Balance Feather Cat Toy retails for $39, but you can slash 52% off the regular retail price and bring it home for just $18.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Pet Essentials


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