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Uploaded: , Monday, May 2, 2022

By City of Santa Clarita

The City of Santa Clarita Film Office has released the 10 productions currently filming in the Santa Clarita Valley for the week of Monday, May 2 through Sunday, May 8.

The productions that run locally are:

– Mayans MC (TV show)

– Blood Benders (TV show)

– Good Trouble (TV show)

– Holiday Harmony (Feature)

– Gadget (feature)

– Volkswagen (commercial)

– AAPI Commercial (commercial)

– APFM (commercial)

– Dominos (commercial)

– CSUN student project (student)

The city of Santa Clarita saw an increase in location filming in 2021 as the industry began to rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Santa Clarita Film Office reported 570 filming permits and 1,505 outdoor filming days, which generated an estimated economic impact of $37.6 million for the community.

This represents a 62% increase in permits, a 42.6% increase in filming days and a 40.8% increase in estimated economic impact compared to 2020, according to a statement issued by the head of the Santa Clarita Public Information, Carrie Lujan.

In 2021, the Film Office recorded over 500 permits, over 1,400 shooting days, and $30 million or more in estimated economic impact generated from location filming. Not included in the reported figures are cinema days and the economic benefits of filming that takes place on certified sound stages, which do not require filming permits.

“Santa Clarita has a rich history of film production and filming, and we’re thrilled to see the numbers rebound from the pandemic shutdowns,” said Santa Clarita Mayor Laurene Weste. “Filming provides thousands of jobs locally and supports every segment of our local economy. We continue to be a film-friendly city and ensure that our beautiful valley remains a top choice for productions now… and in the future.

Many factors contributed to the continued success of filming in Santa Clarita, including the city’s movie incentive program, movie ranch overlay area, low-cost permit fees and expedited permit processing, as well than the California film and television tax credit program.

The Santa Clarita Valley is also located in the entertainment industry’s advantageous “thirty mile zone” and offers thousands of movie-friendly locations that can double as many diverse locations.

Last year, TV shows accounted for more than half of reported movie days in 2021. Local shows include ‘Cesar’s Way’, ‘CSI: Vegas’, ‘Dollface’, ‘Good Trouble’, ‘Holey Moley’ , “LA Fire and Rescue”, “Mayans MC”, “Miracle Workers”, “NCIS”, “Promised Land”, “Star Trek: Picard”, “SWAT”, “Westworld”, “Wipeout” and “With Love” .

Other shows that were filmed on location in Santa Clarita last year include “911”, “911: Lonestar”, “American Crime Story: Impeachment”, “American Horror Story”, “Atypical”, “Blindspotting” , “The Dropout”. “, “Euphoria”, “Foodtastic”, “Hacks”, “Jay Leno’s Garage”, “Shameless” and “This is Us”.

Many feature films were filmed in Santa Clarita in 2021, including “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and “Snake Eyes,” which were shot on local sound stages.

Other films, including “892”, “Baby Stealer”, “The Blueprint”, “Christmas with My Ex”, “Dead Wrong”, “Dog”, “Kimi”, “My Escort Best Friend”, “Next Exit “, “Wildflower” and more, were filmed on location. Additionally, numerous music videos from artists such as Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Billie Eilish, and Justin Bieber were filmed on location in Santa Clarita, in addition to various commercials and online content.

For more information on filming in Santa Clarita, visit or contact the Film Office at (661) 284-1425.


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