SHARGEEK Announces the Launch of Capsule Gravity: Futuristic Efficiency Booster to Increase Productivity


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August 11, 2022 12:00 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11, 2022 ( –
SHARGEEK is back with another sci-fi inspired personal productivity product. Just a year after the success of its Kickstarter campaign for Storm 2 Ultimate Power Mecha which raised over $800,000, the innovative team of mobile power experts has announced the launch of Capsule Gravity, a unique efficiency booster and useful. Capsule Gravity is a multifunctional countdown timer, alarm, 5000mAh power bank and 20W mobile device fast charger in one. Created as an everyday essential for personal productivity and convenience, Capsule Gravity improves efficiency anytime, anywhere and is available now on Kickstarter: -power-bank/capsule-gravity-futuristic-efficiency -booster

In addition to being known for creating powerful, high performance and practical products, SHARGEEK equipment is instantly recognizable. With chic, retro-futuristic and cyberpunk cool looks, their product design is admired for its bold style. Capsule Gravity is no exception, with a stunning futuristic design and colorful digital readout, it takes a stylistic approach to time management and is intuitively controlled with a simple flip – giving users a reliable way to lock in time for certain tasks, stick to the schedule and maintain healthy rest reminders. The device is perfect for business, workouts, precision cooking, etc. Set a timer, flip it and go! Capsule Gravity instantly switches between a timer, countdown/alarm clock and Pomodoro timer, and as a time management tool, it quickly improves concentration and work efficiency.

“Our team of designers and creators know very well the importance of time management. To create our products, we dream big and work hard. To do this efficiently, we break tasks down into manageable actions and use the Pomodoro technique to staying focused and working hard between essential rest periods Having a powerful, accurate and intuitive countdown timer and an alarm at your fingertips is key to this proven method of effectiveness Capsule Gravity was designed to meet that need. It sits on the desk and with a twist of the wrist, its countdown begins, keeping users on schedule and focused on any task that requires undivided attention. perfect time management tool to quickly get into the zone.Meng Xianjie, Capsule Gravity Product Designer

In addition to time management, users can stay powered with a built-in 20W fast charger. Capsule Gravity is compact yet packed with power, utilizing a 5000mAh capacity backup battery for various devices including iPhone, iPad and even Macbook – an EDC power solution with fast charging and up to 40 days standby.

Capsule Gravity: Futuristic Efficiency Booster is everyday essentials for modern digital lives and offers a powerful time management tool to increase work productivity and personal efficiency. With SHARGEEK’s retro-futuristic styling and useful features, users can enjoy focus and efficiency at home or at work. Capsule Gravity is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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