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Lower temperatures signal the start of hygge season, which means it’s time to warm up in a warm and soft blanket. At the same time, you don’t have to spend all your time indoors. With the best patio heaters on the market, you can lounge and relax outside autumn and winter. And if aesthetics are your concern, don’t worry because not all patio heaters are big, bulky, and towering light fixtures that glow in an aggressive orange hue. Some, indeed, are quite elegant and can only add to the style of your outdoor space.

Yes, we’ve found the best of the best, including a sleek option designed to look like an imposing Street lamp to an alternative inspired by arc light. These spikes are so good that even if the ground is covered in a deep layer of snow, you’ll want to hang on outside. Winter. You may not even notice that the temperatures have dropped below freezing!

In case you are worried that your outdoor space is too small for a massive heater, don’t worry. We’ve highlighted the propane options that can fit safely into the smallest of spaces. Did we mention that many of the choices are under $500? So whether you’re filling your sprawling garden with a 6.5ft tall Brutalist style jewelry or snuggle up around an electric table that heats up at the touch of a button, you’re bound to find something that will bring warmth in style. Trust us, your new outdoor heater will quickly become the hottest spot in your home.

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Ideal for small spaces


1500 watt electric patio heater

Best Propane

Front door

Tahoe Patio Heater

The most compact

eastern oak

patio heater

Hottest heating


41,000 BTU Electric Patio Heater

The most luxurious

western elm

standing heat lamp

Best Dual Purpose

Sharper picture

Outdoor Bistro Infrared Heat Table

The most high-tech

Williams Sonoma

QFlame Outdoor Heater

Most Iconic Design


Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable Electric Patio Heater

What is the best outdoor heater for a covered veranda?

If you are installing an outdoor heater on a covered porch, be sure to measure the ceiling height. Put at least 12 inches between the top of the heater and the ceiling to avoid creating a fire hazard.

What is the most efficient outdoor heater?

The higher the BTUs, the more heat is generated. We suggest any heater that is at least 30,000 BTUs. That way, whether you’re sitting below or a few feet away, you’ll always feel warm.

We do the research and find the best deals so you don’t have to! When it comes to finding quality products meant to keep you comfortable, we’ve done our homework!

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