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Keep your most important kitchen utensil from losing its edge with these accessories. (Source: Getty Commercial)

If you had to rank your kitchen tools on a scale of culinary importance, knives would probably be at the top of the list. So many tasks in the kitchen require a good knife for proper preparation. Sharpening them without the right equipment can be a tedious and even dangerous process. Luckily, Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale has deals on all kinds of kitchen essentials. Discover these products that will help you put away your knives and safely sharpen them. Now your #1 kitchen utensil can be easily accessible and sharp every time you prepare a meal.

The ideal configuration for sharpening and storing knives

Keep your kitchen knives looking their best with this knife sharpener.  (Source: Amazon)

Keep your kitchen knives looking their best with this knife sharpener. (Source: Amazon)

$11.99 $24.99 at Amazon

If it’s time to give your kitchenware some TLC, you need it sharpener by Sharpel. It offers three options for you to choose from, depending on the condition of your cutlery. If your knife is particularly dull or damaged, the coarse slotted tungsten carbide blades are ideal for quick edge adjustment. Once your knife just needs a touch up, you can use the fine slotted ceramic blades for fine sharpening. There’s even a special tungsten carbide blade to keep your scissors sharp.

Knife enthusiasts and professionals alike are impressed with the ease of use of this sharpener works. A verified buyer said, “I’ve had whetstones, electric sharpeners, whetstones, in the past. Throw them all away. It’s the easiest and best way to sharpen in seconds. I do 5 step 1 pullouts and 5 step 2 pullouts every time I use my knives and they are like razors. My knives come from a set of relatively inexpensive knife blocks. The unit is very small, I throw it in my drawer next to the silverware, and if clips on my glass stove or quartz counter tops try first every time. After use, it comes off with no problem.

This sharpener is over 50% off right nowso be sure to grab this great deal before it ends.

Save counter space and store your knives on this magnetic strip.  (Source: Amazon)

Save counter space and store your knives on this magnetic strip. (Source: Amazon)

$29.99 $34.90 at Amazon

Once your knives are razor sharp, storing them loosely in a drawer quickly dulls their edges. Using a knife block for storage can keep them in better condition, but can also take up valuable counter space. Instead of using a bulky knife block, clear up counter space by using a magnetic knife strip which hangs on the wall.

Knife lovers love it magnetic knife strip of Cucino. In a verified five star examA former knife block owner explains why she loves her new magnetic knife strip:

“I love this thing because it’s perfect for small spaces with little counter space. I know a knife block doesn’t take up muchbut there are too many knives even though I only use three on a daily basis. More, it sort of displays my cute set of colorful knives that I just received.

This useful product is currently nearly 15% off, so for under $30 you can see for yourself why this magnetic knife strip is a must have for your kitchen.

Whether you’re a knife sharpening expert or a novice, this sharpening set makes the job quick and easy. With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say they’re a well-respected duo. This first day, give this sharpener and storage options a shot and see how much easier cooking can be.

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