Shoppers praise the Aldi kitchen gadget, which means you’ll never run out of ice cream


Summer refreshments are made easy with Aldi’s ice maker, which is available to pre-order online now

Make sure you never run out of ice cream again!

There’s nothing worse than opening your freezer on a hot summer’s day, only to find you haven’t filled your ice cube trays for that iced coffee or cold glass of wine you wanted.

As the weather finally warms up, Aldi’s latest Specialbuy, its Ambiano Ice Maker, is back just in time to refill your wine buckets, coolers and cocktail dispensers to keep your drinks chilled all summer long.

The popular Ambiano Ice Maker It is said to make perfect ice cubes in 10 minutes. In fact, it was so popular last year that it flew off the shelves in minutes.

Ambiano Ice Maker
  • Keep your drinks cold this summer
  • 6 indicator lights
  • On and off function
  • Indicator light when basket is full
  • Light indicator when the water tank is empty
  • 2 different sizes of ice cubes
  • Takes 7-10 minutes, depending on the size of the ice cube
  • Non-slip feet
  • Overheat protection

Aldi’s product description reads: “Enjoy cold drinks whenever you need them with the Ambiano Ice Maker. Choose from small or large ice cubes to accompany your drink of choice. This digital ice maker will help you focus on the summer sun while your drink stays cool, cool and refreshing on the side.

The machine can make two different sizes of ice cubes in seven to 10 minutes depending on size, and has indicator lights to show when the water tank is empty or the ice bucket is full.

It also has non-slip feet, practical overheating protection and its own self-cleaning function – what a dream!

Now it’s not the cheapest, priced at £79.99, but hundreds of shoppers have said it’s ‘definitely worth it’ and describe it as one of their ‘best buys’ all time.

A satisfied customer who got his hands on the gadget last year he said: ‘Bought in 2021 and although it looks expensive it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while for a gadget.

“We use it all year round and we don’t run out of ice anymore. This machine has already paid twice because we use a lot of ice and it’s never limited. I highly recommend this item and I wouldn’t be without it now. Great product and a great price for this amazing little machine”

You can buy the popular Aldi Ambiano Ice Maker here but it sells out fast – so don’t wait.

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