Shoppers rave about £11 spider gadget that ‘works wonders’


A gadget trusted by hundreds of Amazon shoppers to kill spiders and other humane insects has been reduced to just £11 in the retail giant’s latest sale.

Described as “functional marvels”, more than 974 customers have rated the device on the site, with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating and buyers commenting on its ease of setup and use. Reduced to £11.04, a 63% discount, the Aribio pest control device uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves and will cover an area of ​​1,000 to 1,200 square feet.

Poison-free and chemical-free, the eco-friendly gadget works through walls, with customers saying it has worked effectively not only to repel spiders, but other flying and crawling insects including ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and bed bugs.

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It can be set to three different levels – low, medium and high, with the manufacturer recommending using the highest setting only for the worst types of infestations and without human presence. They otherwise say the gadget, which plugs into a wall outlet and requires no additional setup, is safe and harmless to adults, children, and pets.

One happy customer said: “I bought this because my five year old seems to scream about spiders every other day. I waited two weeks to review it and only remembered it because I noticed my daughter hasn’t screamed a spider in days. I don’t have an infestation or anything, just a few house spiders and a nervous kid. But with that, it seems to be okay. calm down, and that’s enough for me to happily recommend this product.

Another customer described the device as “wonderful”, adding: “We live in an old house and used to have huge spiders. We used to use other sockets. spiders that didn’t always work. We invested in these sockets in every room. and maybe see a little spider once every four months or so.”

The gadget also works on larger pests, including rodents like rats and mice. One reviewer said: “These are fantastic and really work to deter mice. We live in the country and use them in our house and garage.

“I don’t like to use traps but have had to in the past due to mice in our attic. Ever since I’ve been using it, plugged into the common area under the attic, but it works on a good part of the house, we found no mice. Definitely the most effective prevention method we have found to date.”

The widget is available on Amazon now in sales.

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