Six ways to protect your electric car charger from theft as the problem grows


With the increase in the number of electric cars on our roads, automotive experts have warned that electric car charger thefts could skyrocket over the next decade.

There are currently around 400,000 electric cars and 750,000 hybrid vehicles on the road – and after 2030 all new cars will be powered by electricity.

With replacement chargers costing up to £700, an increase in the number of electric vehicles will make theft more likely, according to car experts Leasing Options. Read answers to the 10 most searched questions on Google about fines you drive for.

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Costs could exceed the current £10million a year to replace catalytic converters – another favorite of thieves. Many scrap and recycling companies are also seeing more and more questions about electric car chargers – most often how much they would pay for one. The scrap value of a cable’s materials can be worth around £50. Additionally, used Chargers are sold for around £200. You can get more automotive news and other story updates by subscribing to our newsletters here.

Leasing Options COO Mike Thompson said: Although there are no official figures on electric car charger thefts, it is a growing crime. So much so that the Association of British Insurers has said insurance premiums could rise. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for thieves to take charging cables, especially when charging. Software experts also pointed out that some electric vehicle chargers had cybersecurity flaws, which meant they could be accessed remotely to unlock charging stations.

“Obviously, this is not good news for electric car owners. However, electric vehicle owners can take some additional steps to prevent their electric car charger from being targeted. Including removing your car charger at night, installing a dash cam and using a padlock.

Charge your vehicle at home

While charging at home isn’t always possible, it’s an obvious and easy way to minimize theft. In addition, installing an electric charging station on your property provides additional security against prying eyes. Opt for a charger in a garage or away from the street if possible.

Use a padlock

Padlocks are one of the best ways to deter thieves, and they can be used on cables. Additionally, many EVs have a loop to secure your lock in place while it charges. In some cases, and depending on the wheels you have, you can pass the cable through the wheel and place the padlock on the cable.

Use a secure vault in your trunk

Although some cables are stolen from the boots when not in use, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Instead, opt for a secure box to store your cable when not in use to make it more difficult for opportunists.

Remove the charger from the trunk overnight

The trunk is the easiest place to store your charger. However, it is also the most obvious and the first place thieves will look. So instead of leaving it in your car overnight, take it out and store it safely inside until you need it again. It may be a little inconvenient, but it will save you the cost of an expensive replacement.

Install a dash cam

Dash cams aren’t just great for providing added reassurance on the road – they can be a great deterrent to attracting unwanted attention when you’re parked. Opt for cameras that work when the car is off and charging, so it films any close contact with your vehicle. While that won’t stop someone from stealing the cable, you might get a good look at the perpetrator, which can help the police.

CCTV at home

Electric car charger thefts happen when people are on the go, but also at home, so install CCTV near the charging area for added peace of mind. This can help identify unwanted guests, but can also deter them from taking your feeder.

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