Smart shopping and mocktails – a deep dive into how Britain will celebrate Christmas 2021


Things like when is the acceptable time to set up the Christmas tree, how much Britons plan to spend on loads of storage, and what items are most suitable to give away.

Gadgets crowned Britain’s favorite secret gift

The first two weeks of December is the Secret Santa Claus rush hour when the highest search interest in this topic is recorded (Google Trends Data). According to the Menkind survey, gadgets are the Secret Santa Claus’ gift of choice for almost a third of Britons, followed by personalized items, with 1 in 5 respondents saying it is their favorite gift. Only 7% of Britons prefer to give alcohol and 3% prefer to give something homemade for Secret Santa.

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Gadgets are man’s best friend at Christmas

The yes or no guide to regifting as voted by the British

Regifting can be a dangerous sport, but data from the new survey sheds light on “regulation.” With 7 in 10 Britons giving wines and spirits the seal of approval, this is the most popular item to give away. Confectionery and books come second and third, with a third of Britons choosing them from the best suitable items for gifts.

Although lower in the list, family heirlooms and even underwear are acceptable gift items for some of the survey respondents, gaining gift approval from 9% and 4% of respondents, respectively.

With more than one in three Britons buying Christmas presents throughout the year, the survey paints a financially savvy picture of a modern, bargain-hunting Britain.

Are you ready for Christmas?

In addition to the current main transport, the survey also reveals that Britons plan to spend an average of £ 64 on stocking fillers this year.

November Christmas ad launch marks the (un) official start of Christmas

1 in 4 said the Christmas ad rollout in November was their best party vibe booster. With online interest in Christmas and Christmas commercials also surging exponentially towards the beginning of November, the anticipation and launch of annual Christmas commercials can thus be declared the (un) official start of Christmas.

There are, however, those who follow their own festive rules according to the data, with 1 in 5 saying they’re still in the mood and getting ready for the holiday season.

When it comes to the perfect time to put up Christmas decorations, mid-December was voted by a third of Britons, being the top pick in the rankings. There is however 1% of respondents who just love Christmas, stating that they start decorating in the summer.

Deciding when to put up the Christmas tree can be difficult, with 1 in 3 Britons favoring the option in mid-December. However, opinions are divided on the issue, with 1 in 4 opting for early December and 1 in 4 starting as early as late November.

Non-alcoholic drinks elected Christmas drink 2021

With nearly a third of Britons (29%) favoring non-alcoholic beverage options for the holidays, the new study finds it to be the official drink for Christmas 2021. This may also explain why nearly three-quarters of those surveyed envision the perfect wine and spirits items for regifting this year. Potentially, the reflection of Covid lockdowns and slightly increased alcohol consumption has caused Britons to reconsider and choose healthier alternatives. Prosecco and Champagne occupy a solid second place, with 1 in 7 Britons favoring bubbles. At the bottom, in 9th place, we find mulled wine, with less than one in 10 Britons favoring the traditional hot drink.

For more information on the study, click here.


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