SmartScreen Cloth rivals Apple’s version of Anti-Bacterial Tech Gadget Cleaner


Phone users are increasingly concerned about keeping their devices ultra-clean amid fears of contracting Covid infections on dirty screens and surfaces.

Cell phones and similar devices carry bacteria, fungi, and viruses, so users should ensure that the gadgets they use are kept clean. While some of them may be harmless, others can survive on devices, so it’s best to get rid of them.

Studies show that Covid-19 can survive for up to 28 days on glass surfaces like cellphone screens. UK start-up SmartScreen has now introduced an antibacterial screen fabric aimed at competing with tech giant Apple.

The cloth and detachable travel pouch are designed to fit perfectly in any pocket, with a heavier weight than most microfiber glass cleaning cloths, making it easier to handle.

It has been specially made with today’s increased awareness of cleanliness in mind, with anti-bacterial silver ion treatment applied during the weaving process that kills 99% of bacteria.

Although produced primarily for the use of phones and tablets, it can also be used to clean reading glasses, sunglasses, camera lenses and car entertainment screens due to its versatility.

The cloth can be used to remove a variety of problems, from removing smudges on the phone screen before entering a meeting, to removing dirt collected from the bottom of a bag hand or remove greasy fingerprints on the tablet shared by the family.

SmartScreen cloths can be ordered here.

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