Spotify Jukebox featuring a curved screen brings house parties to your desk


Spotify has a user base of over 406 million active users with 180 million subscribers in 184 markets. There’s a reason for the music streaming service’s popularity that other platforms haven’t quite reached. The on-site algorithm for suggested music and playlists, the user interface and most importantly the Spotify Connect feature. The ability to play music and switch between devices seamlessly (without a convoluted Bluetooth connection) is something I personally love about Spotify thanks to the Connect feature.

With Spotify dominating the audio streaming services market, the Stockholm-based giant has a compelling reason to step into its own tangible product. A jukebox or compact audio player is a custom fit for the Spotify interface. Couple that with the sublime audio quality – preferably with spatial audio software – and there will be a further increase in the subscriber base in the years to come.

Designer: Design puts Pit

This cool concept jukebox dubbed the Spotify Jukebox (or as I like to call it – the Juketify) carries the familiar theme of the audio streaming service’s branding. The color light green and black to be precise. To liven things up, there’s also an optional light green and off-white color theme. The gadget has a modern infusion of the curved display element and classic radio vibe in the form of the knobs and buttons on the top.

The user interface of the Spotify Jukebox is centered around the artist’s album art and the songs in the playlist. The lyrics appear over most of the screen, so you can sing along to sate your karaoke cravings from time to time. Play/pause, shuffle, and battery level indicators allow the user to quickly switch between options or peek at estimated play time.

The large screen and the round volume button are the irresistible elements of this concept gadget. And yes, of course, it comes with the Connect function to play from any connected device in a jiffy without any fuzz. I would definitely like to keep it on my desk and have that satisfying feeling of working as it plays Lo-Fi playlists with those nostalgic album covers that put me in the zone!


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