Stay safe when traveling with this hidden camera detector, on sale for $70


Did you know that hidden cameras have been discovered spying on guests in hotels, Airbnbs and public spaces? If you want to travel the world and stay sure of your security, camera detection devices can eliminate the problem and give you complete peace of mind,

the Scout Hidden Camera Detector is one of the best of these essential travel gadgets – and it’s our deal of the day. Usually $89, today you can nab it with a special price drop to just $69.99. And you can get a two-pack for an incredibly low price of $79.99.

But you’ll have to be quick, because the deal ends at midnight PST on February 25.

Find hidden cameras

The problem of spy cameras is very real. In a recent survey of 2,000 Airbnb travelers, 58% said they were worried about hidden cameras in their rental. And 11% of customers said they had discovered one. As The Huffington Post reports, “Several Airbnb travelers have reported find hidden cameras in their vacation rentals.”

Luckily, you can ease your worries by taking a Scout hidden camera detector with you. This easy-to-use gadget uses high-powered LEDs, which reflect off camera lenses, to reveal cameras of all kinds, anywhere.

Simply stand 5-15 feet away from an object, hold Scout to your eye so you can look through the opening, and use the button on the device to turn on the LED lights. Look through the opening for any object you think might be concealing a hidden camera, and if you see a red light illuminating you, you’ve discovered one.

The Scout Hidden Camera Detector is quick and easy to use, and very portable. After a quick use of the gadget while checking in, you’ll be ready to stay anywhere and relax, worry-free.

Save on a Scout Hidden Camera Detector

Get the Scout Hidden Camera Detector to its Deal of the Day price drop of $69.99 (usually $89). And, if you want to extend travel security to family and friends, you can save even more and grab a Pack of two Scout hidden camera detectors for just $79.99 — that’s 55% off the regular price of $179.

Whether you have a partner traveling for business or a kid in college, it’s key to knowing they’re safe and away from prying eyes.

Prices subject to change.


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