Steelers’ rare free agency boon focused on helping Matt Canada build a Pitt-like offense in 2016 – The Athletic


PITTSBURGH — Just three weeks ago, the Steelers had yet to come up with a specific plan for how they were going to approach free agency. In the past it was easy – they had little to no money to spend so it was patience, value and hopefully they would walk away with a mid level roleplayer or starter .

But don’t confuse not having a free agency plan with not having an overall plan.

With the first week of free agency on the books, it has become apparent that the Steelers are doing everything in their power to provide maligned offensive coordinator Matt Canada with the proper personnel in his sophomore year to allow him to fully reveal his professional violation. .

Or, as these parts are best known, the Pitt offense of 2016.

Canada was hampered by aging and less mobile quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a year ago, as well as four new starters on the offensive line, two skilled rookies and an injury to receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. All of that has meant that the stuff Canada is known for — pre-snap moves, play-action, roll-out throws, power between tackles — has worn off each week.

“I think when you have red paint, you paint your barn red,” Tomlin said after the season, also noting that it’s been a discussion since the start of the season.


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