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STM Dux Backpack Review – The STM Haven has been my go-to backpack whenever I travel, locally and internationally. It provides good protection, has many pockets for different things, and can fit my GIGABYTE AORUS 15G gaming laptop. But years later, a better backpack came from STM Goods: the STM Dux.

The STM Dux backpack is a 30 liter backpack, so yes it’s not exactly a compact backpack, but what you get is a very sturdy backpack with great protection for your essentials. value, removable compartments, unique side doors, pockets to hold many types of items, and even a 17″ laptop.

Let’s talk about what I love most about the STM Dux: the storage versatility. Traditional backpacks usually have compartments that you can open and access from the top. If you want to store a few items in it, most of the time you will have to stack them, leaving more fragile items to be crushed on top of each other.

The Dux backpack has unique compartments with various flexibilities. My favorite feature is the side panel doors that give you access to compartments on both sides of the bag. It’s like having shelves inside a backpack so you can store things without them being crushed like a gaming mouse, headphones, digital cameras or even a Funko Pop (I had to bring one as a gift on my recent trip abroad). With STM Dux, I left my Bose QC45 hard case and just placed the earphones safely inside the compartment.

With traditional backpacks, you usually store the laptop charger in the same area as your laptop, which I don’t really like because it can be quite tight. But with STM Dux, you can separately store the laptop cable and the big charger in their own space.

You can access these compartments from the top if you wish, by removing the base layer under the top compartment. But honestly, I never find the need for it.

Besides these unique compartments, the Dux also has a small waterproof pocket to store your passport and boarding pass on top. Or, you can also store them in the roomy front pocket which also has cascading pockets to store charging cables or small items. Inside the front pocket you will find an additional zippered pocket which I use to store a foreign SIM card and some cash.

STM merchandise also includes a handy, soft and portable pouch if you need to store small items together securely.

The backpack also has side pockets that you can use to store a water bottle, cables or other things.

The compartment for storing your laptop, tablet and documents is protected by soft fabric to prevent scratches and very well padded all around.

Speaking of padding, the backpack is protected by plenty of padding with heavier protective materials at the bottom of the backpack. If you’re the type to throw your backpack on the floor (with your laptop inside), you’ll be pleased with the ruggedness of the STM Dux.

Even if the bag falls to the ground (whether front or back), there’s still plenty of extra padding to keep your fragile gadgets and devices safe inside.

STM Dux Backpack Review – Travel Experience

So I decided to leave behind my precious STM Haven and use the STM Dux for my recent overseas trip to Indonesia. It definitely offers a different experience as the backpack itself is bigger and has different types of pockets. It’s interesting and fun to explore and test which items should go inside the backpack.

Here are all the things I took on my recent trip abroad inside the STM Dux backpack:

It’s really amazing how many things can fit in the backpack, how well everything is protected and can be placed in different types of pockets and compartments.

The STM Dux backpack can be safely carried inside the aircraft cabin (I flew with Qantas then Jetstar) and with all of these items inside the backpack the weight was about 6.8 kg in total. The backpack itself weighs around 1.8kg with my laptop weighing around 2.2kg.

The Dux can be stowed under the seat in front of you, although I find it harder to do so inside the Jetstar’s tighter seat spacing.

Thanks to the double foam shoulder straps and the molded EVA foam back panel with cooling airflow channels, it’s quite comfortable to wear the backpack when I walk around the huge Singapore Changi Airport. I also like the baggage pass as I can hook the Dux up to my heaviest luggage while in line at check-in and after collecting my luggage at the final destination.

Conclusion of the STM Dux Review

STM Dux review

The STM Dux Backpack is a sturdy backpack that offers plenty of protection all around the bag, with massive space to store all sorts of items, from large to small, and even fragile items safely. Its side panel doors are simply the best and most unique feature of this backpack. They provide easier access to your gadgets and, more importantly, a safe haven as they can be stored in different ‘shelves’. I really like these backpack “shelves”, they are amazing.

Lots of protection, lots of different types of compartments, pockets and sections to store everything you can think of. It’s the ultimate backpack for easily and securely transporting all your smart devices and gadgets.

The STM Dux backpack can be purchased for AU$329.95 from the STM Goods Australia site and also from

Disclosure: An STM Dux review sample was provided for review


A spacious, well-padded backpack with unique shelves and side hinged doors to securely store your devices and gadgets. Plus, it’s the ultimate backpack for traveling.

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