Super vacuum cleaner 360 S8 on sale on Amazon


Robot vacuum cleaners are increasingly common in homes around the world. There’s something really cool about having your gadget take care of one of the main cleaning tasks. And modern models can offer much more than just suction. They’ll also soften and clean floors, so care isn’t just limited to carpets. These days it really is a wide range of skills for the new generation of robot cleaners. Like the 360 ​​​​S8 model, which we offer you today in a interesting Amazon sale.

The 360 ​​S8 robot vacuum cleaner is a state-of-the-art gadget dedicated to all cleaning tasks. With its large 360ml dust box and 340ml water tank, it will do it all. And thanks to the powerful 2700 Pa suction and 4-stage cleaning system, it won’t leave any mess behind. While being quite quiet with only 59 dB it must be said. Advanced LiDAR navigation combined with ground sensors and 3D smart mapping will take care of avoiding obstacles and even crossing small thresholds. The large 3200 mAh battery with automatic charging is also a boon. The smart app and voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant are just the proverbial icing on the cake.

And with the current Amazon sale, you don’t have to pay too much either. Until the end of May, you can take a reduced price for 360 S8 at only 269.99€. This also comes with a set of free accessories to make the deal even better. So, if you are looking for a budget robot cleaner, this should be one of the contenders.


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