The 10 Biggest Marvel Cosmic Events That Could Happen In The MCU


In 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga finally reached the start of its grand finale, with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The MCU had been building a huge overarching story known as the Infinity Saga using a mix of movies and TV shows since its debut in 2008 and brought together tons of heroes and villains in time for its big cosmic event – Infinity War.

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Comic book fans will know the story of Infinity War from the comics the film’s cosmic event was based on, and the Marvel community is speculating what the MCU’s next big, super-powered cosmic event might be. just like infinity war comic inspiration, there are so many different and exciting cosmic events and multiversal threats from the comic books that the MCU could adapt next, assembling heroes old and new.


The contest of champions

The contest of champions

Marvel’s first-ever limited series was in The Contest Of Champions, where the Grandmaster challenges Death to a game that, if he wins, fellow Elder The Collector is revived.

Grandmaster and Death both transported a chosen team of heroes from Earth and forced them to fight against each other, which would be an interesting thing to see in the MCU, where heroes are divided and forced to confront each other. Additionally, this short series introduced many new international Marvel heroes such as Shamrock, Talisman, and Defensor, so the event could introduce more diversity to the MCU with several new international characters.

Marvel Zombies

teased in What if…?Marvel Zombies spans multiple comic book series and features an entire universe of zombified Marvel heroes and villains – who begin to flee to other universes, in desperate attempts to consume themselves.

What if…? already introduced powerful zombies in the MCU, which will be developed in the next Marvel Zombies TV show, so there is a good chance that they will become more important in the future of the MCU and face the heroes of the universe. This galactic menace could also introduce Elsa Bloodstone to the MCU, Marvel’s resident monster hunter, which would be a treat for longtime Marvel comic book fans, and would set up some fantastic horror-filled MCU stories. .

king in black

Knull's appearance on the cover of a King in Black comic book

One of Marvel’s most recent events, The King In Black, introduced us to Knull, the original creator of the symbiotes, and one of the deadliest threats the universe has ever seen.

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Before attacking Earth, Knull decimated several planets using his massive army of symbiote dragons and his weapon, the Necrosword, which he forged from the very first symbiote, All-Black. Interestingly, Eddie Brock is the main protagonist of this cosmic event, so the MCU could bring back Tom Hardy’s Venom in a very exciting way, working alongside MCU heroes like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. It would be amazing to see symbiote dragons come to life on the big screen, and it would be interesting to see different Marvel heroes possessed by symbiotes.

War of the Kingdoms

In War of the Realms, Maleketh the Accused attacks Midgard (Earth) and tries to conquer it in his quest to control the nine realms. In this cosmic comic event, Midgard is the last realm that Maleketh must conquer.

Most MCU fans agree that Maleketh was one of the franchise’s most lost villains, so he deserves a second chance in the spotlight, and a War of the Realms movie event might help fans see him as the truly diabolical villain that he is. Plus, with Jane Foster becoming another version of Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder and with the upcoming MCU saga seemingly based on the Multiverse, now would be the perfect time to introduce the Thor Corps to the MCU, a team founded as part of the Galactic Comic Event, which helps defeat Maleketh in a battle at Breathtaking. Additionally, the comic’s explosive color palette matches the same theme as Thor: Ragnarokso it would be a perfect adaptation for the MCU.

Kree–Skrull War

Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War Comic

The most significant war in Marvel comics was the long-running Kree-Skrull war, which was teased throughout Captain Marveland is one of the most defining stories in Marvel comics.

Although the original Kree-Skrull War was published between 1971 and 1972, the war didn’t technically end until recently, with 2019 Incoming! one-shot, which united the two races under the rule of the Hulkling. War has spanned almost 50 years in real time and features a huge range of intergalactic battles and characters that can’t be confined to just one movie – like Captain Marvel miss too much. The MCU deserves multiple movies to cover this epic galactic conflict, because there’s so much more to it than we haven’t even seen yet.

Secret Wars (1984)

Marvel’s first-ever crossover event, Secret Wars, first took place in 1984 and introduced fans to Battleworld, a distant planet to which many Marvel heroes and villains are transported.

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The characters had been brought to Battleworld by an entity known as the Beyonder, who had studied the main Marvel Universe and wanted to see who would win in a fight against good and evil. It would be amazing to see in the MCU, as it could bring back multiple heroes and villains, in one massive thrilling movie where fan-favorite characters are forced to fight each other to survive. Comic book fans will also know that this is where Spider-Man first got his black suit, so another huge surprise could be revealed in a potential Secret Wars event in the MCU.

Korvac’s Saga

One of Marvel’s most brutal cosmic stories is the Korvac Saga, where Micheal Korvac, a cyborg from the future, travels through time in an attempt to escape the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Throughout the event, Korvac gains divine abilities using the Power Cosmic, which allows him to take human form and go to Earth. When the Avengers finally find him, a huge fight breaks out – where Korvac eliminates nearly every member of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy before being defeated by Thor. Tragically, Korvac revives all the fallen heroes before he perished, and his lover Carina reveals he wasn’t evil. It would be an incredible event to see in the MCU, full of dramatic twists, heartbreaking moments, intergalactic powers, and more for fans.

The arrival of Galactus

Throughout Marvel history, Galactus has been a constant cosmic threat to Earth and the universe as a whole, and fans eagerly await his entry into the MCU.

Galactus is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, so it’s no surprise the MCU community is desperate to see him on the big screen. The arrival of Galactus would also introduce the fan-favorite Silver Surfer to the MCU, who would warn Earth’s heroes of the approaching threat – the Eater of Worlds. It would definitely be a sight to behold, as Galactus is not only bigger than a planet but also more powerful than all of the Infinity Stones – so he would be an even bigger threat than Thanos.


The terrifying insect-based villain, Annihilus, has only one goal: to eliminate all life in the universe.

In the comic event, Annihilus enters the universe from the Negative Zone, bringing with him the Annihilation Wave – a massive armada that slowly moves across the universe, expanding Annihilus’ reign and destroying everything on his passage. The event is largely based on the cosmic and would be an incredible spectacle on the big screen in the MCU, bringing together the cosmic heroes of the MCU in an intense struggle to save the universe, and vastly expanding the universe beyond this. that we have seen so far.

Secret Wars (2015)

God Emperor Doom kills Thanos in Secret Wars #8

Marvel’s biggest cosmic event to date was the return of Secret Wars in 2015, which featured the ultimate destruction of the Multiverse and the creation of an all-new Battleworld ruled by God Emperor Doom.

With the MCU increasingly based on the Multiverse, Secret Wars could arrive sooner rather than later and would be a perfect way to tie together all of the separate Marvel Universes we’ve seen so far – such as the MCU, the Fox’s X-Men universe, the What if…? Universe, and more. This event would be incredible to see on the big screen, bringing together all of Marvel’s characters, events, locations, gimmicks and more into one incredible Marvel cinematic story, surpassing any MCU crossover we’ve seen so far.

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