The 15 Home Products Amazon Shoppers Are Buying Right Now


The 15 home products Amazon shoppers are buying right now – including £11 silicone toilet brush and ‘comfy’ electric blanket

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Whether you’re looking to stock up on cleaning supplies or buy must-have kitchen gadgets, Amazon is a great place to discover new products that everyone loves.

Head over to movers and shakers and the site’s bestsellers graphicsand you will find thousands of buyers buying trending items.

Right now, Amazon shoppers are buying affordable bedding that’s great for keeping warm and cozy in bed during the colder months, a €10.99 silicone toilet brush And one air fryer which will reduce your daily energy consumption.

Here are 15 Amazon home and kitchen products shoppers are buying.

Adam Home pillows are designed with a luxurious hypoallergenic cover and filled with premium hollow fibers that provide high loft and long-lasting support.

While they’re a great option for back sleepers or those who need good neck support, the brand claims they’re comfortable for all sleeping positions, including side sleepers, back and stomach.


The ASOBEAGE toilet brush and holder is made of anti-scratch silicone which makes it easy to clean and does not emit bad odors.

An unlikely favourite, the toilet brush has become a surprisingly popular buy after TV cleanliness queen Lynsey Crombie shared the cleaning product on This Morning, hailing it as a must-buy.


If you’re looking for ways to reduce your daily energy consumption, this air fryer is a more economical way to cook and is big enough to cook dinner for the whole family.

With a 5.5 liter capacity and 13 one-touch functions, the air fryer is perfect for making healthier versions of steak, chicken, fries, pizza and more without using tons of oil or salt. ‘electricity.


Gently remove pilling and lint from your favorite sweaters and garments with the Philips GC026/30 fabric shaver. Powered by batteries, the portable device eliminates annoying pills and lint balls that appear on your clothes.


The Slumberdown Anti-Allergy Duvet (10.5 Tog) will keep you warm when temperatures drop.

Available in standard UK sizes (single, double and king), the comfortably soft duvet contains an anti-allergy hollow fiber filling that resists dust mites and can be easily washed and dried at home.


For hygienically and visibly clean floors, the Flash Power Mop Starter Kit is Amazon’s most trusted cleaning tool for removing tough dirt, grease and grime in a flash.

The best-selling mop comes with lemon-scented disposable wet cleaning cloths containing a powerful cleaning solution to effectively remove dirt, dust and messes from your floors, all without the need for a heavy bucket full of water. a soapy solution.


Pack up your summer clothes and free up space in your closet with this set of three large storage bags.

The zippered fabric storage bags feature a clear window so you can easily see what’s inside and are large enough to hold a quilt, pillows, blankets or warm clothes such only dresses and shorts.


A simple, inexpensive and effective way to stop condensation on windows in the winter, the Ansio Indoor Dehumidifier uses unique hydrophilic crystals specially formulated to draw in and retain moisture from the air.

They will help remove moisture and moisture from the air in your home. And also reduce mold, dust mites and hazy odors.


A complexion-friendly alternative to your standard pillowcase, these affordable satin pillowcases, available in over ten colors, not only encourage a good night’s sleep, but also help maintain healthy hair by minimizing hair loss. breakage and split ends.


This best-selling shower head is filled with bioactive mineral beads that act as a water filtration system that helps remove impurities found in hard water, such as chlorine and limescale, which can remove the moisture in your hair and skin.

In short, it can help soften hard water.


This compact steamer is lighter and faster to use than an iron and is a great way to refresh fabrics without damaging fibers. Simply fill the tank with water, turn it on, and you can steam clothes on the hanger to remove wrinkles without an ironing board.

It is ideal for travel and can be used on delicate materials such as silk, chiffon and tulle.


If you’re looking for ridiculously soft bed linen, then the Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover Set should be on your radar.

The three-piece set, which includes one comforter and two pillowcases, is made from an exceptionally soft and cozy brushed microfiber fabric with a soft feel that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the cold. hottest months.


With plummeting temperatures and rising energy bills, the Cosi Home® Heated Throw is essential for the colder months.

Crafted from “cozy” micro-fleece, the double-sided electric throw features nine adjustable heat settings and a timer. Plus it only costs 3 pence per hour based on the latest UK energy tariff.


For large families that do a lot of laundry, this family-sized clothes airer has enough space to dry a load or two of laundry.

With four tiers, two fender hooks and casters, it’s lightweight and folds flat so you can easily move it around and store it away when not in use.


Remove irritating smudges from mirrors, windows and tiled surfaces with the MR.SIGA Multi-Purpose Squeegee.

Combined with a suction hook for easy storage, the squeegee will wipe down the shower without leaving streaks. It can also be used to get rid of stubborn pet hair from carpets – just brush the floor to pick up a ball.




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