The 8 Best Personal Blenders of 2022


Personal blenders are not limited to making delicious milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails. For a match made in shuffle heaven, here are some factors to consider when shopping:

Blades: Whether you’re looking for a small blender or a regular-sized blender, blades matter! It might sound counter-intuitive, but you actually don’t have to worry about sharpness. Blender blades tend to dull over time, so focus more on their durability and strength than on their sharpness. Not only does this make using and cleaning a blender safer and easier for you, strong blades also extend the life of the blender.

Design: This would be a good time to do a personal reflection: how are you going to use your personal blender? If you plan on taking your concoctions on the go, you’ll want to make sure the portable tumbler fits in your car’s cup holder and has a secure lid to prevent any unfortunate (and messy) accidents. Ergonomics are also important, especially for left-handers. Planning on mixing up a delicious protein shake to enjoy during your gym session? You might benefit from a model with a lid or sports spout for easy drinking. And don’t forget to think about what’s going on after you enjoy your drink – while a slim profile is great for easy grip, you’ll want to keep in mind how easy your portable tumblers are to clean, especially if they need to be hand washed.

Cut: The Rumors Are True: Size Is question. Whether you plan to use your personal blender for frozen margaritas with your roommate or want to make enough banana smoothie to share between breakfast and lunch, you’ll want to keep your blender’s capacity in mind. staff when making your decision. You can find options that have personal and larger cups if you plan to use your blender for a group some days and just for yourself others. Not sure what size you’ll need? According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, most people will be fine with a 16-ounce mug because “it’s big enough to hold a meal-sized smoothie, but not too bulky to carry around.”

Power : High wattage doesn’t necessarily mean more power for every blender, but it’s still an important factor you should keep in mind when evaluating a personal blender’s capabilities. Now power isn’t the only quality to affect performance – for example the shape of your container and a blender’s available speed and function settings can also have an effect – but if you plan to take advantage of healthy green smoothies or a thick, creamy strawberry milkshake, a higher power blender will be better equipped to handle cruciferous vegetables, ice and frozen ingredients.


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