The 9 Best Doomsday Preparedness Gadgets in 2022


Let’s face it, the world is unpredictable. If you were to believe every news you hear, the world should have ended many times by now. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so why not prepare with a cupboard full of doomsday preparedness gadgets?

Whether you’re looking to be fully equipped for any major incident the world may face, or just want a few devices for emergencies, there are plenty of doomsday preparedness gadgets to help you through zombie invasions, apocalypses or one of the many other doomsday threats we all patiently await.

The Best Doomsday Preparedness Gadgets

Lifesystems Waterproof Matches

If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that a post-apocalyptic world involves standing around burning trash cans for warmth. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself with this new social situation, you’ll want to have particularly durable matches that can start a fire whatever the weather conditions.

With this pack from LifeSystems, you’ll get 25 heavy-duty matches that can be lit for up to 20 seconds and are both waterproof and windproof. Take a few with you and after the apocalyptic you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

© Lifestraw

When you’re stuck in a survival situation, water will be one of the main things you need. If, say, you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you can’t find drinking water, you’ll need a way to get it – that’s where Life Straw could come in handy.

This little plastic tube lets you drink straight from a water source, automatically filtering out all the bad stuff. In fact, Life Straw claims it can protect against 99.999999% of bacteria. You should be able to use this straw for about five years – enough time to implement a better water system in your post-apocalyptic life.

Crank radio and emergency power bank

© Gredio

Of course, breakfast radio shows are unlikely to continue after civilization is over, but this radio could still be a great investment. Listen to emergency broadcasts, charge your phone with the built-in solar panel, or use the bright flashlight.

BioLite Camping Stove

© Biolite

If an apocalyptic situation throws you into the wild, you’ll need to find a way to stay warm – that’s where the BioLite camping stove comes in. With this device, you can easily start a fire that you could use for cooking. . , for light or simply for warmth.

The heat generated is also transformed into energy which you can store in a 3200 mAh battery and then use it to charge your phone or other device. As another added extra, there’s also an attached battery-powered light – it’s like a Swiss army knife in bonfire form.

Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket

© Vollebak

Apocalyptic fashion is important for success. You want to look and feel the part and keep up with the latest apocalyptic trends…you also probably want something that goes in fact keep you safe. The Vollebak Apocalypse Coat does both.

Designed to withstand black lava, flash fires and chemical erosion, it’s a coat that’s ready for all sorts of doomsday scenarios. In addition to the obvious advantages of being very hard-wearing and warm, there are also 23 pockets inside the coat…sort of. It’s perfect for helping you carry your apocalypse snacks, your axe, and a good book to stave off boredom.

Danner Acadia Boots

Survival boots

A good pair of boots will go a long way in an apocalyptic scenario. Whether you need to wade through the rain, hunt zombies, or step over dangerous chemicals (all very realistic options), investing in sturdy boots is essential.

While there are plenty of brands that can provide you with premium boots, Danner’s Acadia range will be one of the best ways to go. The go-to option for many law enforcement, Danner makes rugged boots that are built to last. Although Danner oddly doesn’t mention an apocalypse on their website, they do suggest their boots for “adventure, exploration, and hard work,” which is about as close as it gets.

Folding trolley BATIOPV


If a doomsday event sends you on the road in search of water, shelter, or civilization, you’ll probably need a way to carry your things with you. Yes, you can opt for a bag but you are not going to put all your survival equipment in it! Instead, you can opt for a cart, allowing you to haul more and worry less about the back problems you’ll likely gain from battling zombies.

This option of BatioPV can fold up when not in use and can support up to 150 kg. Although they suggest packages, furniture, and plants, you can easily replace them with survival gear, tents, and a stash of Twinkies.

goTenna Mesh

© GoTenna Mesh

goTenna is a brand that has a lot of use in today’s world… but even more so if things go a little wrong. These nifty little dongles connect to your smartphone and through a mesh networking system, they allow you to message other people near you with a goTenna.

They do not require any service or Wi-Fi and you can send your location as well as text messages to them. Even better, the messages are fully encrypted, so no one else can see them.

Using them, you can stay in touch with friends and family as the world crumbles, sending your location and your favorite meme to sum up your feelings at the end of the world.

Worst Case Survival Guide

© David Borgenicht

Not all apocalyptic purchases at be for the day, why not take the time to prepare before? This book by David Borgenicht tells you what to do in a list of extreme situations.

Of course, not every situation it teaches you will apply (we don’t know how many you’ll need to deal with cyberbullies, fake news, or quicksand in an apocalypse), but there are plenty. key information here that could help you out of a difficult situation as a traveler in the apocalyptic wasteland.

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