The best cup warmers: gadgets to keep your tea or coffee hot longer


The illustrious idea of ​​a tall cup of tea often seems out of reach. Maybe it’s because everyone’s tastes are so different. In different shades and sizes, hot drinks range from vegan milk-free or high-fat cream to golden or ghostly color, sickly sweet or bitter waking up. Whichever you choose, we all know that a good winter drink should keep the cold at bay.

So what is the ideal temperature for your drink? Twinings tea experts say the ideal heat is 60 ° C “to keep your tongue from burning.” Their step-by-step instructions on how to brew a perfect cup of tea also include the exact time to brew and cool your drink.

But when the tea cools, the cold is brewing. We’ve all been through the problem of that frozen sip at the bottom of your cup, which shouldn’t be the norm anymore. Microwaves are a sad solution and why should you pay for a new kettle? Enter: cup warmer.

These gadgets, ranging from heated coasters to self-heating mugs, keep your drink at the perfect temperature to prevent a disappointing end to your tea break. The designs include funky and stylish devices, USB and AC chargers, and even different levels of control with the new smart devices.

We’ve put together a collection of the best cup warmers to buy so that you can have your tea and drink it too.

See our favorites below.

Cup of Embers²


This self-heating mug has it all, including an app! The cup of embers2 puts the power in your hands allowing you to control your temperature from the connected app. Once your brew is ready you will be notified by both the app and the LED light on the front of the mug. The new copper color, launched in October, matches the stainless steel core with ceramic coating, giving a futuristic look to their metallic range.

The app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, has a simple design that makes it easy to use. The platform offers features that allow you to customize the color of the LED indicator on your mug, to check the battery life, to set the temperature between 50oC and 62.5oC, time your infusion and even access new tea recipes.

Your tea is stored at the desired temperature on the coaster and allows an autonomy of 1.5 hours when removed from its base. Smart functions continue as the mug turns on and off automatically, sensing when it is full and empty. The mug itself is not likely to burn your hands as it stays cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

This sleek design and various features make it a luxurious experience well worth the premium price.

Bottlyn Smart Coaster (with bunny ears)


This mug warmer is by far the most fashionable with its silicone padded border and designs available with bunny ears. The range offers colors in two shades of pink and forest green. An LED display on the front shows the temperature range of 55oC to 75oC and built-in knobs let you adjust it 10oC at the same time.

Its spill factor is quite low as it includes a non-slip silicone bottom that helps stop those sometimes unavoidable accidents. The base is hot enough to heat mugs of various materials (we tested it!) So you can share the love with other mugs as well.

Joom USB cup warmer


This USB charged mug warmer has a polished wooden border around the metal hotplate, giving the device a somewhat earthy feel.

With a 55oAt constant temperature, the compact coaster offers the most affordable on our list for those looking for a perfect, simple cup of tea. The designs are available in dark and light wood grains, keeping a simplistic style. Perfect for those looking to save time and money.

Mustard cup warmer

Just mustard

You’ll have a hard time preventing people from poaching this item on your desktop (sorry, not sorry). This USB powered hot plate is another cup warmer from the Mustard range that brightens up your morning and keeps your drink at 70oC, after boiling. The washable silicone surface makes it a mess-free coaster that brings joy to your day.

Cup warmer set COSORI


With easy touch technology to control the temperature range, the perfectly matched mug warmer and metal mug set is available in silver and black for a modern hardware look. This set maintains a heat 70oC and 500ml lidded mug adds that extra level of insulation when you leave your drink unattended for hours.

Although we recommend that you hand wash it for best use, this cool design can save you time and make your winter a little warmer.

Our first choice is the Ember Mug2for its unparalleled high-tech options and range of in-app features. For a complete futuristic experience, the Ember range is the way to go.

Of all our choices, we all deserve one thing this winter: the perfect cup of tea.


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