The best deals before Black Friday


In my day, Black Friday was a real day. The Friday after Thanksgiving! Those of us who wanted to win a $ 99 TV got out of bed and got into a freezing car, all before sunrise.

Then we would wait outside – in the cold, remember – at the end of a long, long line of other silly humans. It all happened on the sidewalk in front of a brick building.

At one point, an underpaid trader was unlocking the doors way earlier than usual, we were all rushing like bees crawling over a thrown apple and, if we were lucky, grabbed one of the five TVs in the room. $ 99 before someone else does.

Times have certainly changed. Kids are easy: Black Friday lasts now at least a month and you don’t have to leave your home to brave manic crowds.

As a venerable talker, reformed gadget blogger, and constant deal hunter, I humbly present to you what I think is the best tech offering from each of the major retailers. The only rule is that the products must be on sale now and they must be able to be purchased online.

Wallets out!

Amazon: Fire TV Stick 4K for $ 25

My general rule of thumb with these Fire sticks is if the 4K version with the built-in universal remote functionality drops below $ 30, it’s time to buy. It is currently available for $ 25, which is half reduced.

If you’re still looking for a sign to cut the cable TV cord, this is it. The service works with just about all major streaming services, and the aforementioned universal remote control feature means you can control your current TV with just one remote.

[Photo: courtesy of Amazon]

Do, I repeat, do not be tempted by the $ 18 Fire TV Stick Lite, the $ 20 Fire TV stick, Where the $ 35 Fire TV Stick 4K Max. They’re all hot on sale, of course, but the $ 25 Fire TV Stick 4K is Goldilocks’ perfect pick of the bunch in terms of price and performance.

Target: Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones for $ 100

The big red bubble beats all other stores with this $ 100 Beats deal.

These Bluetooth headphones cost between $ 150 and $ 200 in most department stores. If you’re looking to get started with cordless bobbins, this is reasonably priced for a decent set. They are available in black or pink, and you may be able to have a store pickup in your area if you don’t want to wait for shipment.

[Photo: Target]

Best Buy: Insignia 65-inch 4K TV for $ 490

There is always a sweet spot when it comes to buying TVs and this sweet spot is slowly but steadily migrating from 55 inches to 65 inches.

Namely: imagine slapping a whopping 65 inches on your wall for less than $ 500. This can be done with this 65 inch Insignia F30 series, which was marked down by over $ 200 from its normal sale price. (Insignia is a house brand of Best Buy.)

[Photo: Best Buy]

It has 4K resolution and built-in Fire TV, so you’ll need to plug it in as well. .. well, that’s about it. If this price still seems a little too high, its ideal little brother, the 55 inch F30–is also on sale for a very attractive price of $ 370.

Walmart: Arlo Security Camera 3-Pack for $ 200

Sell ​​elsewhere for more than $ 350, Arlo Essential tri-pack is only $ 200 at Walmart. It’s a wheel of a deal considering the same retailer sells a single Arlo camera for $ 130.

[Photo: Walmart]

These are wireless security cameras that can stream to your phone, work indoors or outdoors, and run on six-month rechargeable batteries. You could fortify your home in an afternoon for less than the cost of a big night out.

Costco: 10-inch Samsung tablet with cover and stylus for $ 280

The most spacious of big box stores, Costco sells the 10.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for $ 280, which is a hundred dollars less.

[Photo: Costco]

That includes 64GB of storage, a cover, and Samsung’s S Pen for jotting down notes. That’s a good deal for an above average Android tablet with all the fixes. You can have it shipped or pick it up at your local warehouse if you have one nearby.

One last option: do nothing

The fact that you can get these deals now without braving the elements, the crowds, or very early in the morning just shows that the offering season is stretching much longer than before. If you don’t get them back now, maybe nothing bad will happen. Just enjoy some free time with your family. Behind each chord, there is another chord pending!


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