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Battlefield 2042 has been rolling off shelves and into people’s homes at an unprecedented rate. The war game allows up to 128 players to destroy their enemies with military weapons and advanced combat tactics. Fight with pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles to dominate the map.

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Portal, Hazard Zone, Conquest and Breakthrough are the modes available to play in Battlefield 2042. Players can explore 7 massive maps, including the metropolitan city of Songdo in South Korea, the commercial city of Brani Island in Singapore, and the coastal city of Alang in India. Take a look at the best gadgets in the game to get more kills and when to unlock them.

ten Medical Pen

Battlefield 2042 - Med Pen - The player regains health in the middle of a fight

People can kill their enemies or get killed in the process. Battlefield 2042 is a fast paced first person shooter where players must constantly heal themselves while engaging opponents in the war zone. The Med Pen is a self-administered gadget that can help players restore their health when injured.

The Med Pen is unlocked at Level 26 in-game. Applying the Med Pen may increase the regeneration rate. However, the healing is almost instantaneous, taking players a few seconds to regain their full health. A maximum of 3 Med Pens can be carried at any time during the game.


9 Ammunition crate

Battlefield 2042 - Ammo Crate - Gadget on the ground

Ammo Crate is a gadget that can replenish ammo for weapons in Battlefield 2042. It was introduced in the war franchise in Battlefield 1942 in the form of supply boxes kept in strategic places all over the map. These gadgets are available from the start of the game.

Players can quickly run to allies and place an ammo crate nearby. People can only deploy one crate at a time. These ammo crates can be used by multiple allies and can also restore explosives. Fighting off hordes of soldiers can consume tons of bullets and reloading weapons is easier with a crate of ammo.

8 Missile FXM-33 AA

Battlefield 2042 - FXM-33 AA Missile - Player destroys aircraft with missile

The FXM-33 AA missile is a gadget used to destroy airplanes in Battlefield 2042. It can be unlocked at Level 2 in the game to counter air combat vehicles. Players who appear in the game using vehicles such as AG-64X Apache and F-35E Panther can be actively locked as a target from the ground with the gadget.

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It usually takes one hit to bring down an aircraft with the FXM-33 AA missile. The locking system makes it difficult to miss targets, even at an incredibly long distance. The gadget comes with a maximum of 3 ammo. It is quite satisfying to see soldiers send the missile in Battlefield 2042.

seven Explosive C5

Battlefield 2042 - C5 Explosive - Player detonates a tank with a remote detonation

C5 Explosive is a gadget that can be used to detonate heavily armored vehicles in the game. It can be unlocked at Level 9 in Battlefield 2042. Unlike explosives from previous games in the series, C5 explosives can be thrown at greater distances and can detonate from a distance. These gadgets are widely used by Veteran Battlefield players known to be creative with their kills.

A total of 3 C5 explosives are provided to soldiers in the game. It can be thrown at incoming vehicles such as M1A5, LATV4 Recon, T28 and MAV to detonate them from a safe distance.

6 IBA shield plate

Battlefield-2042 - IBA Armor Plate - The player stays on his guard

IBA Armor Plate is a gadget that can provide additional protection to players during battles. Besides the armor and health provided to soldiers in the game, Equipping the IBA armor plate reduces damage taken from incoming attacks. It can be unlocked at Level 4 in Battlefield 2042.

People can equip one armor plate at a time and take 2 additional IBA armor plates in reserve. These gadgets can only be used by the players themselves and cannot be provided to teammates. IBA armor plates can also be resupplied by activating ammo crates.

5 Medical fund

Battlefield 2042 - Medical Crate - Player heals allies while taking cover

Medical Crate is a gadget that can be used to heal allies in the game. The gadget is available from game launch. Playing as a team and killing enemies can be a blast Battlefield 2042. Since teammates lose health after each fight, placing a medical crate on the ground can quickly restore the team to their peak.

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Teams rely on medical crates to heal themselves between battles. Getting multiple kills in the game can drain team health. Frequently taking the time to heal damage sustained can help the team maintain momentum.

4 Insert tag

Battlefield 2042 - Beacon Insertion - Player sends signal for team to spawn at a destination

Insertion Beacon is a gadget that can be used to knock down enemies. It can be unlocked at Level 16. Placing an insertion beacon in strategic locations on the map can quickly turn the tide of battle. Game modes such as Breakthrough provide plenty of chances to bypass buildings and constructions that are heavily guarded by enemies.

It only takes one soldier to infiltrate these destinations, while placing an insertion beacon can help teammates to appear in the vicinity. The gadget can be extremely ingenious in team play to summon team members to attack soldiers and decimate territories in Battlefield 2042.

3 Anti-tank mine

Battlefield 2042 - Anti-Tank Mine - Player drops the mine to fragment enemies

The anti-tank mine is a gadget used specifically to take out heavily armored vehicles on the ground. It can be unlocked at Level 38 in the game. These explosives can be placed anywhere on the map and are particularly effective to destroy M5C Bolte, MAV, T28 and LATV4 Recon.

Similar to C5 explosives, anti-tank mines can be used by soldiers to trigger a massive explosion. Players can carry up to 3 anti-tank mines at a time. Placing them on the ground can also occasionally take out enemies sprinting around the map.

Battlefield 2042 - Repair Tool - Player repairs Sentry

Repair Tool is a gadget that can be used to repair vehicles and other machines in the game. It is available from the start of the game and can be used endlessly without running out of charge. It can be widely used in Conquest mode to repair combat vehicles to full health after taking damage.

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In Portal mode, players can use the repair tool from previous games of the war franchise, including Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Players can repair vehicles for 1000 damage in any game mode to unlock the Tool Time trophy.

1 M5 recoilless

Battlefield 2042 - Recoilless M5 - Player shoots a plane with a rocket launcher

Recoilless M5 is a gadget which can be used to detonate vehicles. Most of the armored vehicles of Battlefield 2042, including the F-35E Panther, LATV4 Recon and T28 can be destroyed with a single hit from a rocket launcher. It has been available to players since start of any game in Conquest, Breakthrough, and Portal modes.

A maximum of 3 ammunition is supplied with the Recoilless M5. The gadget has a fast reload time and can be used to launch multiple rockets within seconds in quick succession. It can also be used to take out a faction of soldiers from the top of buildings and skyscrapers.

Battlefield 2042 is currently available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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