The best smart kitchen gadgets 2022 to save you time and effort


Once upon a time, talking to your microwave would have raised eyebrows to say the least. However, with the rise of smart kitchen gadgets, we are now wondering, is it weird if we don’t talk to our home appliances?

What is a smart gadget?

Smart gadgets are products that include an element of technology where there is usually none. It is an umbrella term that can include products as large as refrigerators and as small as power outlets. Apart from making your life easier, some smart gadgets can also help you save on your bills as they can be controlled and turned off remotely.

Typically, the technology included in most smart kitchen gadgets is Bluetooth, which connects appliances to other devices (eg mobile phone) so they can communicate with each other. This communication is usually done through an app that you can control from your personal devices.

Of course, smart gadgets can be much more than that and can involve other technologies such as voice activation and control.

So if you’re tired of useless devices that never do what you want or seek to do ultimately skip to this kitchen makeover, then here are the best smart kitchen gadgets currently on the market.

Apption Labs Meater Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

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With barbecue season fast approaching, the pressure to prove you’re proficient in outdoor cooking is slowly building up and there’s nothing worse than wondering if the meat is done right.

The Meater Thermometer solves this problem because it stays in the chosen dish throughout the cooking process. The probe is free of all cables and wires and can be placed inside a meat joint and then synced to your phone. With the easy-to-use app, you can monitor and check the temperature of meat from up to 50 meters away, meaning you can actually enjoy the barbecue instead of nervously hovering around the food hoping it is cooked.

The wooden charging unit is easy to use with simple red and green lights to indicate when charging is complete. We particularly appreciated the thermometer’s charging time; 24 hours of continuous cooking.

Cuisinart Cordless 4-in-1 Automatic Bottle Opener


A perfect gift for wine lovers or anyone who’s ever struggled with a corkscrew, the Cuisinart Automatic Bottle Opener can sense the cork in a bottle of wine and gently remove it with just one action. It also includes a built-in foil cutter and aerator that will oxidize your wine to maximize and enhance flavor.

The vacuum sealer and date marker are great for preserving unfinished wine bottles and reminding you when the bottle was first opened. The wireless nature of the product means there are no annoying wires or batteries as everything is charged via USB. A full charge of 2.5 hours can open 50 bottles of wine.

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug – White 295ml

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Getting the right temperature for a cup of coffee or tea is an art. Most of the time, when we make our morning cup of tea, we end up with either burnt lips or lukewarm liquid because we forgot everything. This smart mug keeps your hot drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter how long it takes you to drink them.

The ceramic mug features a stainless steel core with sensors that are set at 57 degrees (but can be adjusted between 50 and 62 degrees). These sensors activate as your drink cools and work to keep your drink at the optimum temperature. The built-in batteries will keep your drink hot for up to 1.5 hours or all day if the mug is placed on its charging coaster.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy


If you thought coffee machines couldn’t get more high-tech or have more built-in features, think again. This Lavazza coffee machine, in partnership with Amazon, works with Alexa technology through voice control.

The coffee machine is connected to the Lavazza app and Alexa device, allowing you to customize coffee controls and set preferences such as dose and temperature. So with a simple “Alexa get my morning coffee ready” you can whip up your personalized order before you even reach the kitchen. Voicy can also provide helpful reminders, such as when you’re about to run out of coffee cups, meaning you’ll never be stuck without your favorite cup of tea.

Smart kettle from WEEKETT


Have you ever had to boil water because you forgot the kettle had boiled? If so, Weekett’s Smart Kettle will help because by syncing with your phone, users can turn the kettle on from the app, get alerts when it’s ready, and choose the right temperature for water (anywhere between 40 and 100 degrees).

All of these features should also save you money as the kettle will use less energy by regulating the water temperature. You can also program the kettle to boil at a certain time, meaning you can have your cup of Jo ready before you even get home.

Proscenic T22 Air Fryer


If you haven’t jumped on the air fryer bandwagon yet, then now is your chance with the latest Prosecenic product that comes with 13 cooking presets, low noise technology and TurboAir technology that reduces 90% of fat in food.

The T22 can also be voice controlled (compatible with Alexa and Google Home) and users can set cooking times, customize recipes and monitor food progress. Using the ProscenicHome app, you can remotely access the air fryer and select options such as stop and start anywhere in the world.

Kenwood Cooking Chef XL


Gone are the days when multiple kitchen equipment and many hours are needed to bake a cake or prepare a family dinner. Kenwood’s latest product, the Chef de Cuisine XL, replaces a host of other products as it comes with 25 optional attachment tools and allows you to weigh ingredients directly into the bowl.

The Kenwood connects to your phone via the Kenwood World app and allows you to send instructions directly to the blender. We also like the touchscreen feature where you can choose from 13 presets, select timers and change temperatures.

Aarke’s Purifier


If the taste of London tap water isn’t quite to your liking (we don’t blame you), the new Aarke purifier might be here to help. This filter, unlike ordinary filters, is designed to improve well-being thanks to its two unique water filters.

The first, Pure, reduces unwanted substances from your water such as chlorine while Enriched, the second filter, not only reduces substances but also adds magnesium. This turns ordinary tap water into alkaline water which is proven to support muscle and nerve function.

The filter is also environmentally friendly as it has a steel cartridge for refills and a built-in smart refillable ReFilter system so you know exactly when to change filters. The product will be launched on May 18.


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