The best soothing essential oil diffusers to buy for less during the Black Friday 2021 sale


The busiest shopping weekend of the year begins on Black Friday, and we can’t think of a more fitting time to look into aromatherapy. If you need a little scent-induced R&R, now is the best time to buy an essential oil diffuser. Brands known as Saje Natural Well-being and Vitruvian are dropping the prices of some of their best perfume machines.

Essential oil diffusers not only refresh any space, but most oils have other various therapeutic benefits as well. “Aromatherapy may be beneficial in managing certain symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea, and insomnia,” Megan E. Voss, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing and Director of Integrative Therapy, Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant at the School’s Masonic Children’s Hospital, has previously stated Seduce.

In addition, several scientific studies have shown that certain essential oils (including lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, lemon, Pink, and grapefruit, to name a few) can have a positive impact on your mood, health and nervous system. Plus, whether you’re a newbie to aromatherapy or a seasoned fragrance pro, essential oil diffusers make it easy for you to take care of yourself (very well deserved).

Read on to check out some of our favorites that you can put up for sale right now. Just add water, a few drops of your favorite oil, and sniff out the stress.

Now is the time to get that essential oil diffuser you’ve been willing to splurge on – but you’d prefer a slightly less greedy splurge, if you know what we mean. Vitruvian diffusers are some of the more fancy options and definitely worth the money to spend, but putting them on sale makes the aromatherapy smell even sweeter, don’t you think?

We especially like the new Move the diffuser, a sleek, cordless cylindrical model that can go anywhere in the house as it runs for up to eight hours before needing to be recharged. It comes in seven stylish colors (Willow is pictured above) and, like everything on the Vitruvi site it will be reduced by 30% from November 21 to 29. Need an excuse to buy a second Vitruvi diffuser for someone else on your gift list? Orders over $ 150 will receive a nice limited edition oil tray.

Saje Natural Wellness Aroma (Be) Free Matte White

$ 118$ 94

Saje Natural Well-being

At first glance, the person to whom you are giving the Saje Natural Well-being Aroma (Be) Free Matte White may not even realize it’s a diffuser. It looks like a stunning piece of contemporary art from a museum gift shop – and that’s certainly part of its charm. But its main purpose is to perfume your space for up to eight hours wirelessly.


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