The best tech gifts for gadget lovers on your holiday shopping list


Giving gifts presents a conundrum. Is it better to give something useful, like a 112-bit screwdriver set, or something fancy, like a cat-sized iron throne? There is no right answer. That’s why our 2022 holiday gift guide, curated by Post reporters and editors, includes suggestions from both ends of the practical spectrum. With a wide range of gift ideas in nine categories – we’ve even included some that are functional and fun – this guide will make the process a little easier.









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Whether you’re looking for foodies, audiophiles, tinkerers or book obsessives, The Post’s tech team has the right gadget for just about everyone.

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Amazon: Kindle Scribe

$369.99 | Amazon’s latest e-book reader is also one of the greatest of all time, and for good reason: you’re also supposed to scribble notes and annotate documents on it.

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Black Diamond: Cosmo 350 headlamp

$34.95 | A good headlamp like this could be crucial for your next overnight camping trip, but its second red LED light also makes it surprisingly useful for reading in bed.

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iFixit: Manta Driver Kit

$69.99 | For the person who is already neck deep in gadgetry, consider the high quality screwdrivers needed to open and repair just about any of them.

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Anker: GaNPrime PowerCore 65W Power Bank

$99.99 | This portable battery also doubles as a high-speed charger for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Best of all, it also has enough ports to replace almost any charger in your bag.

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Sonos: traveling speaker

$179 | The Roam is a perfectly good Bluetooth speaker for your next hit in the park, but its support for Alexa and Google Assistant make it a great smart speaker around the house.

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Samsung: Freestyle Projector

$599.99 | Don’t let its small size fool you: the Freestyle can display images up to 100 inches. And with accessories like batteries and bulb socket holders, it can go where other projectors just can’t.

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TwelveSouth: AirFly

$34.99 | This pocket-sized adapter turns anything with a headphone jack, like the TV/treadmill at the gym or the in-flight entertainment system on an airplane, into a Bluetooth audio source for wireless headphones.

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Apple: AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

$249 | They might not look any different, but these updated AirPods Pro sound better and noise-canceling better than before. Plus, support for Apple’s Find My app makes them harder to lose.

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Pimsleur: Language Learning Gift Subscription

$49.95 (three months) | Budding polyglots may find a lot to like in a language course subscription from Pimsleur, especially if they want to spend more time speaking a new language than reading it.

To buy by Pimsleur

Meat: Meat More

$99.95 | People who agonize over roasts and steaks may find a perfect partner in the Meater Plus. This wireless thermometer sends the internal temperature to a smartphone and estimates the remaining cooking time.

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