The best tried and tested smart radiator valves: from Drayton, Hive and more


smart radiator valve (SRV)? What, did you go to college? Do you have a Masters? No, not that kind of intelligence. It simply means that you can control the heaters in each room of your home individually via an app on your phone, anytime and anywhere.

Even if you have the oldest type of radiator valves, the ones you turn manually and have little numbers ranging from “Off” to “Max”, you can turn the heat up and down without having to crouch and play the violin. . Just open the app, select the room and decide if you want to light and how hot you want it to be. It makes life simple and profitable if you know, for example, that you will only be in one room working from home all day, or that you want the bedroom to be comfortable before you get up for the night.

However, there are a few things you must have and know before jumping on the smart treadmill.

What do I need before installing one?

You will need a connection device to access your modem so that your cell phone can communicate with the smart valves. However, if you already have a smart thermostat, you’ve probably already installed one. Otherwise, SRVs usually come with one.

Can I install the SRVs myself?

Yes. You don’t need a specially trained engineer. Just remove the old one, put an adapter on the SRV if it needs one (again, they usually come with these or else check you’re buying one that will be the correct size), insert batteries into the SRV (you want AAs) and put the new valve in place. Hey hop.

What are the benefits of smart radiator valves?

  • Being able to set the temperature in degrees Celsius, which makes more sense than a number between one and seven, or one and five if you have a newer thermostatic radiator valve.
  • Being able to remotely control individual rooms.
  • If you have a smart thermostat, you can also turn your boiler on and off through your SRV app.
  • Being able to control your energy consumption because you can see what you are using.

Disadvantages ?

  • More expensive than ordinary radiator valves.
  • You need this smart thermostat to be able to control the boiler as well.
  • Once you have the smart thermostat or SRVs of a particular brand, you’ll pretty much have to stick with that brand, although that might not be much of a downside, like if you like the brand, why not ?

Here is our selection of the group

Tado Smart TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve


Best for: A simple and effective way to jump on the bandwagon with smart radiator valves

Easy to install – there are simple step-by-step instructions online – and compatible with most radiators., Tado is one of the leaders in the smart home market. The brand claims you can save an average of £294 a year, or 22 per cent, by using its smart radiator valves, but that’s probably only the case if you’ve been lavish with your heating in the past.

However, Tado’s Energy IQ feature in the app allows you to get fuel cost forecasts each month, compare the cost with previous months, as well as with previous years (which can make reading gloomy ), and you can see how you are using energy, which could help you reduce.

Other great features include automatic heating shut-off when no one is home, open window detection, adaptation to weather conditions and smart schedules so the heating is never used unnecessarily . Finally, a big bonus, the Tado smart valves will fit 95% of radiators.

Price for a pack of three.

Drayton 1 multizone kit


Best for: Big houses

For starters, Wiser – who make the Drayton range of smart radiator valves – recommend getting their Multi-Zone Kit 1. It contains everything you need to install their smart heating system and convert two rooms into smart heating. You can then add more smart radiator valves – or smart room thermostats, as Wiser calls them – until your whole home is smart. You can also just buy one of its smart radiator valves (£40).

It’s compatible with Google Home and Alexa (“Alexa, turn the heat to 21 in the living room”) and can be affixed to 90% of radiators (or you can use its adapters, which come with the kit), but you need Wiser heating system to operate it via internet. Once installed, however, it can control up to 16 rooms.

Energie Mi|Home Smart Radiator Valve


Best for: If you have a limited budget

At the lower end of the price of a smart radiator valve, you can get two for half the price of just one from most other brands. Like the others, these allow individual room temperature control, will work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can set them to turn on at particular times and temperatures. Although these smart radiator valves get the job done at a great price – in fact, if you buy multi-packs the price is even better – you do need a bit of patience to set up the app.

Qiumi Zigbee Thermostat Radiator Valve


Best for: Easy to install

This six-pack of smart radiator valves is controlled by voice (via Alexa and Google Assistant), as well as remotely via the app on your smartphone. You can set up weekly schedules so that, for example, you can turn off the heating if you are away from work all day from Monday to Friday, but increase the heating during weekend days.

They also have open window detection, so it will automatically turn off the heating in that room. They’re easy to install, fit most heaters, and run on two AA batteries (not included). Of all the smart radiator valves we reviewed, this one was the most pleasing to the eye, so if you care about design details, this might sway you.

Hive White Smart TRV Head


Best for: Those who like calm

While some smart radiator valves make a bit of noise as they do their job, Hive’s are pretty quiet. They also have a wide temperature range – 0° to 40°C – while most peak at 30°C. Like most of the other brands mentioned here, they’re both voice-enabled (via Alexa and Google Home) and remotely controlled via an app on your smartphone.

You can schedule it for seven days, work with any type of boiler, and need those two AA batteries to get going. It needs a Hive smart hub to work (sold separately), but it’s an easy system to set up and use.

Honeywell Home Evohome White Radiator Zone


Best for: If you prefer a trusted brand

What sets this smart radiator valve apart from the herd is both the trusted brand name – it’s a well-known and long-standing name – and the screen, which displays the temperature, power of the battery and other useful information. It comes with adapters in case your radiator fitting isn’t immediately compatible, brackets to hold it in place, and batteries, which have a long life of two years.

It has up to six daily programmable settings, is voice-activated (via Alexa and Google Home) and remotely controlled. Features include open window detection, so it will shut off if the temperature suddenly drops and is compatible with any boiler. It works through the EvoHome thermostat controller (sold separately).

Price for 4.

Sandy Beach Thermostat TRV Radiator Valves with Zigbee Gateway

Sand beach

Best for: When you want to buy British

If you like the idea of ​​buying British then these smart radiator valves will be your choice as they are made by a medium sized UK based company. The valve comes with a variety of adapters to ensure it will fit almost any radiator and the Zigbee gateway is included so you can get started straight away via Alexa, Google Home or your smartphone. It’s available in white or charcoal, so you can match it to your decor, and once you’ve purchased this starter kit, you can purchase additional Sandy Beach Smart Radiator Valves on their own, without the Zigbee Gateway, to brighten up (Geddit?) your whole house.

ELEGANT Smart Thermostatic Head


Best for: Non-technicians

Another smart radiator valve that will work with the Zigbee gateway, so if you already have it, you’re onto a winning combo. It comes with adapters so you can adapt it to almost any radiator and, exceptionally, an actual manual (most are online). It’s controlled by voice (via Alexa and Google Home) and the smartphone app, runs on two AA batteries (not included), and is easy to set up. In fact, that’s his USP. They are at the lower end of the smart radiator valve price bracket, so make the right choice if this is your first foray into the smart world.


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