The Black + Decker Kitchen Wand is an Impressive 6-in-1 Appliance


Having the right kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils can make food preparation easier, simpler and more enjoyable. However, as with any product category, there’s a lot of unnecessary fluff trying to convince you that the automated version is better, you need six different sizes of the same tool, and the latest technology will finally land you that Michelin star of the piece. We’re here to tell you that’s not true and answer the crucial question, again: Do you really need this?

The topic of the day? The Black+Decker Cooking Wand, a 6-in-1 multi-tool that promises to replace some of the most commonly used gadgets in your kitchen, simplifying them into a single device with interchangeable parts. It has a motorized base that powers a can opener, salt and pepper grinder, milk frother, whisk, immersion blender and bottle opener. It debuted at CES earlier this year and has just been officially released on Black+Decker’s website. SPY had the chance to test this gadget before its release date; keep reading to find our full review.

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Does it replace all those gimmicks in a valid way? Are they each working as well as you want and expect them to? Is it easy to switch from one mode to another? Keep reading to find my thoughts on all of this.

Don’t feel like reading the full deep dive? Fair enough. This gadget belongs to the category of “nice to have” kitchen utensils. Is it totally necessary? No. Is it easy to use, powerful, and convenient if you don’t already have satisfying versions of at least a few of its interchangeable heads? Yes.

Finally, is it unlike any other kitchen gadget we’ve ever tested? Absolutely.

We recently included this unique product in the SPY Smart Home Price 2022, and it is finally available for sale online. Read on for our full Black + Decker kitchen wand review and find out if this versatile kitchen gadget is worth it.

Black+Decker Kitchen Wand, SPY Smart Home Awards

Black+Decker Kitchen Wand, SPY Smart Home Awards

Black+Decker 6-in-1 Chopstick

Price: $199.99
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Black+Decker chopstick: specifications

Black+Decker’s Kitchen Wand comes with six different heads that replace the following kitchen utensils:

The tool also comes with two large storage cases to house the various accessories, a charger console that plugs into the wall, and a portable smoothie pitcher for serving drinks, sauces, and more.

The wand is about a foot long when hooked to each prop and about the width of a flashlight. It has an intuitive grip with two power buttons, one for on/off and the other for pulsing the motor. There’s a speed dial on top and a battery level indicator on top that shows you, via 1-3 LEDs, how much battery life you have left.

The speed is adjustable for the hand blender and the whisk; all other props have a set speed that cannot be changed.

Black + Decker Kitchen Wand Review: 6 Attachments

In this section, I’ll dive deeper into each of the six Kitchen Wand accessories before discussing the gadget as a whole.

Can opener

The can opener is deceptively shiny. It attaches top to bottom, rather than sideways like most can openers. It attaches to the box via a simple lever, then electronically cuts the entire top of the box in one stroke. This makes it easier to remove the top from the box because instead of fishing it out of the box by its serrated, freshly cut edge, it’s completely cut off. It was the most impressive and innovative feature of the device.

Hand blender

The hand blender also works incredibly well. I had never used one before, so I don’t know how it compares, but it blended a small number of ingredients smoothly and was super easy to use. It didn’t splatter ingredients all over the place or slow down when faced with tough, fibrous ingredients.

One point I will make about the device as a whole is that its length keeps you away from whatever you are blending, frothing or blending. It kept my clothes cleaner and made less of a mess in my kitchen.

Salt + pepper grinder 2 in 1

This feature has certain advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to load salt and pepper into the device. You have to do it through those little doors on the sides; they are not large enough to avoid tipping over without a small funnel. This accessory also seems the least necessary because the moment you plug the accessory in and turn it on, you could have easily shaken a salt and pepper shaker into your dish.

The grinder works well and it’s easy to switch between salt and pepper. You can use any spice you want in it, and the cap that attaches to the bottom prevents spices from leaking out of the bottom between uses and causing a mess.


This accessory works just like other electric bottle openers you’ve seen online or in person. I don’t already own one, so I’m excited to use this feature. I think this accessory will stay the most connected to my kitchen chopstick, as I already have versions of the others in my kitchen that I like to use.


This electric whisk is ideal if you need to mix something thick, quickly incorporate ingredients, or if you have a lot of baking and want to save your forearms. It works perfectly well and the variable speed is a great feature. You can easily change the speed while using it with one hand, and the attachment stays firmly in place once attached.


Finally, the mousseur. This one also functions as the whip and works great. The maximum speed will be too fast for most jobs, but the speed dial is easy to change mid-blend, and the frother didn’t come loose or separate during use.

Black+Decker 6-in-1 Chopstick

Price: $199.99
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Black + Decker Kitchen Wand Review

Black + Decker Kitchen Wand Review

Black + Decker Kitchen Wand Review

Overall, this device is well-designed and works a bit like a Swiss army knife, as SPY’s tech editor eloquently put it in his review of the gadget a few months ago. Attachments attach and detach smoothly; it is neither too heavy nor too light and easy to load.

My biggest hurdle to using it has been that there are jobs it’s ideal for and others it’s not necessary for. There are some attachments, like the whip, that I don’t think I’ll use as much simply because I already have a faster manual method of whipping.

There are other accessories, like the bottle opener, which I will use a lot as they work much better than the manual method I use now. This gadget also takes up a lot of space in a kitchen when you add the charger, all the accessories, and the storage cases. I haven’t used the cases and don’t plan to, but if anyone did it would take up a lot of room in a cabinet or drawer.


  • Well designed, powerful and easy to use

  • Clear battery level indicator

  • Comfortable to use

  • Versatile and intuitive to switch from one accessory to another

The inconvenients:

My overall verdict? If you don’t already have an electric bottle opener, a can opener you like, or an electric blender, it’s worth buying. It satisfactorily replaces all those gadgets. It might not be your gadget if you prefer to manually prepare things in the kitchen.

Black+Decker 6-in-1 Chopstick

Price: $199.99
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