The Dreametech Bot W10 is arguably one of the best robot vacuums ever


If you haven’t heard it, Dreametech, a provider of world-class smart cleaning solutions like cordless stick vacuums, is hosting the vacation of a lifetime event this month. By the 28th, everything on his site is at 20% and we really think of everything.

There’s a lot to choose from, but we’ve got a premium recommendation for the most deserving person on your list this year. The Dreametech Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop is the smart cleaning device you’ve been waiting for all your life.

What is the Dreametech Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Vacuum and Mop?

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The Dreametech Bot W10 is exactly what it says on the box: it’s a top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaner, the 2-in-1 robot vacuum of our wildest dreams. Everything about the design of this smart vacuum cleaner lends itself to a crisp finish without ever lifting a finger.

Regarding the design, Dreametech has equipped the W10 with several innovations exclusive to the brand:

  • 7.5 “combed roller brush, tangle free
  • Double rotating fringes in multi-layered composite material in direct and constant contact with the ground
  • A removable 450 ml dust compartment
  • 6,400 mAh battery for extended cleaning sessions
  • A D-shaped outer shell designed for more efficient cleaning of corners and edges


The best part about this robot vacuum? He goes about his own business and does a spectacular job even when left completely unattended; the little W10 which might is capable of crossing thresholds and door sills up to 3/4 of an inch in height, no assistance required. While we’re perfectly happy to watch this thing hanging around all afternoon, we have better things to do with our time.

It’s easy to trust the Dreametech Bot W10 to get the job done while you’re gone, all without finding it crumbling when you return – they don’t call it a smart vacuum for nothing. Here are some other features that make the W10 a smart home assistant rather than just a cleaning tool:

  • Anti-drop, anti-shock and anti-collision technology for spills and missteps
  • Area cleaning, small room and room-by-room cleaning programs
  • Reload and resume, for when he’s bitten a little more than he can chew on in one charge
  • Remote control and voice control, allowing you to call him by your side or assign him a new task hands-free, all via the Mi Home app

What else is there to love about the W10? We can think of more than a couple of things that make this smart vacuum cleaner a must have for every home.

A sophisticated on-board navigation system

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The Dreametech Bot W10 automatically cleans and dries behind it, keeping your home spotless, all without endangering things like hardwood floors. The W10 dries the floor automatically as it mops and scrubs, preventing unfortunate slips, trips, and water spots in its wake.

Intelligent ground recognition functions and other sensors provide the robot with a constant stream of incoming environmental information. This includes room mapping, surface detection, and customizable cleaning and water level control modes to suit a number of different flooring styles.

How does the W10 get there? This nifty little gadget always keeps your eyes wide open:

  • LiDAR navigation
  • Ultrasonic carpet recognition
  • 3D mapping of parts and obstacles
  • Custom map operators, such as no-go areas and areas with special needs

It’s easy to stay connected to your Dreametech Bot W10, but the germaphobes among us are probably still shy. What happens when it’s time to clean this thing up, anyway?

How is the Dreametech Bot W10 cleaned?

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The Draemetech Bot W10’s intelligent auto-return feature sends it back to the mothership whenever it is in desperate need of a cleanup itself.

A 4-liter clean water tank exists regardless of the waste that the W10 brings with it. They both have their own separate water tanks integrated into the charging station for completely sanitary exchange.

The station cleans your robot vacuum, with internal fans in place to remove excess moisture when all is said and done. The two rotary mops are saturated with water and whipped furiously against a grooved inner face; they are then dried at 104F, disinfecting them further. In no time at all, this low-noise, hassle-free process has your W10 up, at it, and ready for more.

The dirty water tank and debris collection pan below are easy to remove and clean; Your entire home’s floor cleaning routine is now reduced to a simple maintenance task.

Is there something we don’t like? Absolutely not. If you’re like us, it’s better to spend time on more important things.

Five thousand simple reasons the Dreametech Bot W10 is our new favorite smart home gadget

We could go on for a lifetime, but we thought you might prefer to see what makes the W10 so amazing firsthand. By January 10, you can save 20% on the entire Dreametech collection, including most certainly the Dreametech Bot W10 vacuum.

Form and function collide here, resulting in one of the most enjoyable smart home experiences we’ve ever had the chance to indulge in. If your favorite person in the world deserves a well-deserved break, the W10 will be the gift that continues to give every day of the year.

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